Capcom VP Chris Svensson disappointed with Darkstalkers Res opening sales.

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given the frequency and urgency of requests weve had here over the last several years...Im more disappointed by my misread of the information in this particular case. I missing something here? Wasn't all those requests for a new Darkstalkers game over the past few years...requests for new Darkstalkers game?

WTF is the misread of information? There was no information to misread. From what I understand since before this came out, Capcom was going to hold the possibility of a sequel hostage, using the sales of this rerelease as the "information" to read on whether or not to make the game.

So they put out a rerelease nobody requested instead of the sequel Ono had been hypetraining for years, and are disappointed when people act like this isn't what they ask for? WTF, Capcom?

There seriously needs to be an shakeup of leadership over there; f*** these guys.
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Darkstalker was never popular before, what did they expect? Morrigan is the only good thing from this and its just for her boobs.
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abyss posted...
And before people jump to the wrong conclusions, Im not blaming fans who did buy it and supported the brand.

In other words 'I'm blaming the fans that didn't buy it.'

Anyway, was anyone REALLY asking for DS2/3, outside of maybe a hardcore fanbase? People want a new Darkstalkers, not a reissue of a game that's plenty available, especially when for a lot of people this isn't even the 'best' version they could buy.

I know I would LOVE to see a Darkstalkers 4, but I didn't buy Resurrection because I already own Chronicles.

This. They should've just remade "Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower" from PSP instead of bringing out two DS/Vampire games. It has a definitive character roster, & you can choose each character's fighting style from all five Darkstalkers/Vampire arcade games.

CVGuile posted...
ryan bristow posted...
I read somewhere online that the companies wanted to meet the sales that Call of Duty reached (I think it was 10 million). Also as a sample, the sales expectations for the new Tomb Raider game was 5-6 million and it reached 3-4 million so far.

I hate when an anomaly is treated like the norm. It's like when people use Ebay to gauge how much something is worth and pick the one outlier that randomly managed to end twice as high as every other auction for the same item. I don't see any reason why 3 million copies sold should be anything less than "solid success." Unless you are Call of Duty or have a really good reason to believe you're in it's company, if you're investing more into a game than 3 million sales can make up for, you're doing it wrong. If this means sacrificing the Hollywood caliber production values, so be it. I'd rather see scaled down titles than watch publishers drop like it's the ****ing Hunger Games.

I agree. And this is the main reason why many studios keeps getting closed left & right, because they're all so busy making titles with huge, blockbuster budgets making interactive movies trying to be like Hollywood. Not only that, but also overspending on advertising/marketing the games. - List of studios closed since 2006.
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Shinobi120 posted...
This. They should've just remade "Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower" from PSP instead of bringing out two DS/Vampire games. It has a definitive character roster, & you can choose each character's fighting style from all five Darkstalkers/Vampire arcade games.

Except IIRC Darkstalkers Chronicle was a bad port and would have required more work to fix up to how they ended up getting Darkstalkers Resurrection which was a tweaked version of the PS2 port of Vampire: Darkstalkers Collectoin.

Granted, the game should have had the consolidated VS1+VS2 roster put into the VS1 system like the Sega Saturn version but yeah...Capcom dropped to ball in that respect but did pretty well in things that really counted like the multiplayer options and it's the best the series has had.
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i'm disappointed with chris svensson
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SonyOwnzSeattle posted...
i'm disappointed with chris svensson

Sven been disappointing fans for a long time. In particularly the Sengoku Basara fans.
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Look, I'm sorry...I'm just not a huge Darkstalkers player. I don't know what I can do about that...
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Sven been disappointing fans for a long time. In particularly the Sengoku Basara fans.

To be fair he was actually pretty helpful in the Sengoku Basara discussions. He may not have been telling us what we wanted to hear but he gave us good insight into Capcom's processes and how they determine how the move forward with franchises.

The entire reason we know about Capcom's silliness with that series (expecting massive numbers or bust AKA today's industry, predicting low numbers and thus not advertising and then being disappointed with the low numbers) is because he came forward and gave us the insight and the numbers that let us know what was happening. It was a far better placing than fans just randomly saying "This game was surely a big hit. Why Capcom not bring expansion over! Game must have sold at least 200k!"
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Well cleary, this Darkstalkers game wouldn't sell when Capcom was trying to weasel out of dealing with licensing costs and not giving the fans what we really wanted as digital HD re-releases, or just being plain stupid and not releasing the HD remasters of games that we've wanted:

Capcom vs. SNK Pro
Capcom vs. SNK 2
Cannon Spike
Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter
Power Stone
Power Stone 2
Street Fighter III Double Impact
Street Fighter Alpha 3
SVC Chaos --> should have talked with SNK to get this out
X-Men Children of the Atom
X-Men vs. Street Fighter

There's a bunch of fighters.

And then they've been pissing off Mega Man fans as we know. That BS probably made people less likely to support Capcom.

And then Capcom presents losses with DmC, well not losses but did not meet their sale expectation, and then they blame over outsourcing their development.


Capcom is a huge cluster**** right now. And they got that Scrooge game being remade to try and rekindle the interest of old school gamers.

Capcom... They need to restructure and fire a crap ton of people like Sven. He's been a troll and a total PR disappointment.

Oh and firing Inafune-san was the stupidest idea. Whoever decided to do that should get fired and then replaced, and then rehire Inafune-san.

Oh and still no Onimusha HD Collection... FAIL
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