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I think Daigo onlt lost 2011 EVO because.... (Archived)ChristianGloria911/27/2011
Juri vs Kim (Archived)
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Oh cool, TTT2 has unblockable setups. (Archived)bIuerain911/27/2011
OMG! SVC Chaos Is Unlockable In KOF XIII (NTSC-U/C PS3 & X360)!! (Archived)
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Is it worth it to track down GGXXAC+ for Wii/PS2? (Archived)NonSubwayJared211/26/2011
Should C. Viper get her eye beam attack from UMvC3 in the regular SF games? (Archived)Bass_X0811/26/2011
Oh KOF, how I've missed you. (Archived)
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So how's that UMvC3 workin' out for you folks? (Archived)
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What are optimal display settings on XBox 360 for fighting games? (Archived)
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Joe Higashi has the same voice actor as Link. (Archived)
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I think this is, uh, Chinese KOF13. (Archived)
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New Skullgirls character: Valentine (Archived)Firekid2311/25/2011
I have a huge request. regarding CvS2 (Archived)
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SFxT is going to have a color edit mode..... (Archived)
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Max 2 Desperations for KOF 2002 (Archived)Coola_Yagami511/24/2011
SNK really outdone themselves with KOFXIII's Story Mode (Archived)scorpionps211/24/2011
Do you guys think that any arcade sticks will... (Archived)Naked_Snake_02511/23/2011
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