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Has anyone else noticed in CVS2, the computers get easier when you lose? (Archived)
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Guys how do you define a scrub? everyone in the fighting game community... (Archived)
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Anyone know if Arcana Hearts 3 from ASIA region is English? (Archived)IChangedMyName312/20/2011
Almost wish they had a wireless fightpad. (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz612/19/2011
Online play should have no rankings. (Archived)
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Sales for every fighting game in the current gen (Archived)
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Did BlazBlu: CS Extend come with other changes besides the character? (Archived)CharlotteHarlot812/18/2011
Best Native-American Fighting game character? (Archived)
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"The Social Problems with Fighting Games" a Rant by Mimeblade (Archived)
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I am compelled to choose female characters in a fighting game (Archived)
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Teach me B.B. Hood (Archived)Windy69X212/17/2011
Did John Talbain marry B.B. Hood (spoilers) and fanfic (Archived)Windy69X812/17/2011
Which Samurai Shodown game is the best? (Archived)
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HALP plz (Archived)21_Schizoid_Man312/16/2011
KoF games on PSN NeoGeo station... (Archived)RanBinRai512/16/2011
Critique needed!! **FightStick art** (Archived)Naked_Snake_02512/16/2011
Can anyone remix Haohmaru's theme song with Q sound music? (Archived)Windy69X212/16/2011
Would an otherwise worthy game e at Evo if it just came out 1-2 wekks before? (Archived)ChristianGloria412/15/2011
Roxy and Poison are girls. (Archived)
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So, I went to sign up for a yoga class the other day..... (Archived)chaoscatzero1012/14/2011