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Let me know how this runs for you?
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So I bought an HTML5 game engine and premium art resources. HTML5 show and tellSkel149/18 2:37PM
Microsoft bought Mincraft for 2.5 billion dollars...Skel159/17 5:52PM
Wow, my Ludum Dare game ranked 29th overall, 6th for innovation D:
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Nothing like spending all day working on part of something only to find out.chrisjrogers89/15 8:31PM
Got my first programmer job out of college, I'm stoked!
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So can I break into the gaming industry with character and story design?
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What are the best Music maker softwares? free and commercialnoble banana79/12 5:36PM
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my latest brilliant idea
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Is there any other way for a collider to go through another collider in unity?Oreos7449/8 1:30AM
Any Recommended Books?Polskihammer39/6 3:12PM
10 year olds learning computer programming.Acrylic-Hunter69/4 1:57PM
How to detect 3-D objects within 3-D environments, where...Dice Power29/1 1:38PM
A Computer for Game DevelopmentSuperSmashKart68/31 6:58PM
What game engines are used by good indie game developers?
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I made a game for Ludum Dare 30. Let me know what you think! (Archived)nesis38/27 6:32PM