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Why is it that 2D game graphics usually don't have a lot of colors?DevsBro14/25 10:23PM
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How difficult is it to make a cross platform chess variant in unityEvilEnvi14/25 11:29AM
Implemention for persistent connection to a http server for arbitrary updates?nesis94/24 7:38PM
Looking for feedback on my Zelda-like, called Mobius Dungeon
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ITT we write bad programmer limericks.
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What's a good way to handle room transitions for a platformer?
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When you write a report on a program1stWorldProblem84/14 7:55AM
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Tell me your game ideas
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Is there such a thing as a renderer that draws quads instead of triangles? (Archived)Graviteer64/4 1:35PM
The player never loses control, even when there's story happening. (Archived)
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Dem game updates (link inside) (Archived)nesis53/27 11:56PM
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I have lot's of great game ideas (Archived)
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