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What are the best Music maker softwares? free and commercialnoble banana68/28 10:01PM
I made a game for Ludum Dare 30. Let me know what you think!nesis38/27 6:32PM
What game engines are used by good indie game developers?noble banana108/27 5:38PM
Nothing like spending all day working on part of something only to find out.chrisjrogers18/27 5:33PM
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Anyone know much about using RFID scanners?Bad_News_18/26 10:15AM
Hitting hitboxes in beat 'em upsnoble banana38/24 10:39PM
Got my first programmer job out of college, I'm stoked!WingMirror108/23 6:51PM
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PLURPS - Programming Language Using Role-Playing SyntaxAmuseum58/22 11:18AM
How would you make a Mech game control on the PSP?Graviteer18/22 9:26AM
"Saving" a game?TheMightyDrez88/19 5:34PM
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Including personal projects on a resume
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Programming a following camera for a 6 Degrees of Freedom type of gameGraviteer28/14 10:47AM
I'm not that great of a programmer, but I want to work on my ownDieForMotherLand48/13 9:57AM
Good java and C++ books?
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I need some help learning OpenGL Shader Language (Archived)Lokarin28/8 1:29PM
What I'm working at currently (Archived)ISDcaptain0148/6 10:26PM
Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++ by Bjarne Stroustrup. (Archived)LMTTN28/6 6:35PM