Nintendo Developer/Publisher Asks What You Want Made For Wii U (Will Make It)

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2 years ago#1
Hi, everyone. Good day to you.

I am an independent developer/self-publisher primarily working with Nintendo. That is to say, I was accepted into Nintendo's developer/self-publisher program, and I have the Wii U development hardware and software. I am here today to ask if anyone would like their project idea or already existing project developed and published on the Wii U (possibly other platforms later on), for free!

This can be a community project (either a game/app made from everyone's ideas, or a project that contains many minigames), or a personal project. A community project may be more desirable here, but anyone might also offer up their own project as a base for a community project.

I am primarily a programmer and can take care of all (or nearly all) coding needs. There are 3 main options:
1. If you have a project that is already coded in Unity or HTML5, I can publish that to the Wii U (with some possible exceptions [I don't mean errors, lol]).
2. If you have a project that is already coded in something else, I can consider porting it.
3. If you just have project ideas you want programmed from scratch, I can do that also.

Hopefully this topic may be used for community project ideas (preferably 2D, maybe 2.5D or 3), possible questions (though most things concerning Nintendo cannot be discussed here, as I had to sign an agreement with them saying so), and offers to help (primarily in the areas of art and music, but others are welcome to put themselves forward). Otherwise, please send me a private message, which is more suitable for certain discussions.

Note that I'm "new", having been around the main site off and on for awhile, but I tend to be the very "quiet" type. But while I'm new, I'm not noob, so don't worry. ;) This is a serious endeavor, but I hope we can have fun with it.

Will be back in a while.

Thanks for your time.
2 years ago#2
Pokemon MMO
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2 years ago#3
haha. The funny thing about that BewmHedshot is that before making that first post, I edited out the part where I said that I specificly was NOT looking to make a Pokemon MMO. lol.

Actually, if I had the resources/artists, I [i]could[/i] make a small teaser demo for a Pokemon MMO and show it to Nintendo for kicks. Of course they don't license their properties to just anyone, even though they are more open now. But a demo running on the Wii U might at least "nudge" them.
2 years ago#4
A Super Smash Bros with just Pokémons.
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2 years ago#5
How'd you land that, then?
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2 years ago#6
If I had to use their IPs, a Pokemon MOBA (I put a lot of effort into calculating how the different moves, evolutions, stats, held items and TM/HMs would affect a map world)

If I was given a team and a budget to launch my own IP on their system, I'd get my dungeons and monster style game made...

...If I had to outright make them a game for the prayer that it might get a launch? LOL, STEAM BROS!
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2 years ago#7
It seems my email had stopped sending me notifications on posts, and I'm just seeing these now, sorry!

@scar the 1
Well, awhile back, I was thinking of a style for a fighting game that might feel a bit like Smash Bros (4 or more-player battles, scaling camera views, items, etc.) , but with non-typical elements in the fighting game genre. It might include real physics-based combat and terrain interaction, the ability for characters to do any sort of physical or energy move they can think of (by being able to design new moves themselves, in addition to the built-in, character-specific moves), and they might be able to target any portion of their opponent's body like you can in reality. On the Wii U, for example, certain moves could be placed as customizable touch tiles on the Gamepad, probably in a sort of paged/tabbed list, but probably only a few pages and tiles at a time so that a player could easily memorize where their moves are on the Gamepad and tap them out quickly without having to look away from the TV. So let's say you are able to see your opponent start to throw a high kick at your head, you could remember that you set one of your top touch tiles to be a move where you can just throw your head back (which would cost minor stamina), or another tile where you can do a backflip (costing a bit more stamina), so you can quickly tap around the gamepad without looking and dodge and react more uniquely. The game could also have little physics-based "quick time events" (good ones) where, say, your opponent kicked you into the air and across the arena, sending you into a spin, and you might have to tilt the gamepad and/or use your energy in such a way to decrease your spin/angular momentum before you could straighten yourself out and keep fighting.... Anyway, I thought this might be fun for a fast-paced fighter, like Dragonball with Capsule Corp capsules for items as in Smash Bros., but probably original. I've only seen Capcom really publish a fangame on its own--Street Fighter x Megaman.... (But I might like to play a Megaman x Dragonball game. ;))


I went to this page,, filled out the application, and eventually had a conversation with someone from Nintendo and was able to purchase the dev kits. Beyond that, I'm not sure there is much that can be said about the Nintendo process, due to the NDA they have us sign.


Hmm, I've never played a MOBA-style game, but having just looked up the term, it sounds a bit like another game I thought of doing awhile back. It wasn't much, just "RTS game where you can switch between manual--probably first-person--control of one unit at at time". (Starhawk?) But yeah, usage of Pokemon or any of Nintendo's properties is a stretch. That will take some mad artististic talent and some crazy fans (I've only played Pokemon Snap so far, lol.)

Indies with Nintendo are their own publisher, just like those who put their apps on the iphone/android/etc. On all of the self-publishing platforms I know, there's not really a concept approval process, and we can publish pretty much on our own schedule. Apple/others mostly just make sure the app meets certain technical requirements and doesn't contain anything "too inappropriate". So almost anything is fair game (not sure about STEAM BROS though, heh). Anyone that wants to raise money to produce their project might consider running a campaign on a crowdfunding website, if they want to go it on their own. Or if they want to try making something here, I can do that if needed.


I'm sort of zeroing in on some small ideas and thinking of combining them into one. So if anyone has any small game projects in particular they'd like to put into a collection (think the size of a minigame/arcade game/old classic game/etc.), that may be best for now, but I'm still open to other things.
2 years ago#8
Nintendo isn't aware of Steam? Explains their pricing.
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2 years ago#9
Lost Magic Reboot. And Pokemon Snap Reboot
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2 years ago#10
Lokarin posted...
Nintendo isn't aware of Steam? Explains their pricing.

And that claim is backed up by this documentary/horrorstory written by a 3rd party launch title developer:

Nintendo's always been very xenophobic, and their decision makers live inside an echo chamber (though it's more of an Apple-esque reality distortion field these days). When Greenlight exists there really is no point trying to scale this mountain as an indie.
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