Nintendo Developer/Publisher Asks What You Want Made For Wii U (Will Make It)

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2 years ago#11
Back on the topic, though: I REALLY want a new 8 Eyes, Faxanadu or Wizards&Warriors game...

I'd buy the license if I could find the owner
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2 years ago#12
omg yes to all 3.
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2 years ago#13
--- The games Pokemon, and Lost Magic (which I just found thanks to zeldalord), and the MOBA genre mentioned by Lokarin, actually align with a major idea I've been designing for awhile now, which I had put on the backburner due to complexity. But now I think I'll make my "Pokemon-ish" project, meaning, using an aspect of "collecting and improving 'things'", but not really like Pokemon, as this should be original. Also, years ago I wrote an extensive gesture recognition system, so I can also make my project have a "Lost Magic-ish" aspect (but again, much different), throw in some new ideas I've been having, and it'll all make perfect sense!! (maybe)

--- Nintendo had made a statement awhile back about not wanting to price games on the 3DS lower, for example, in the range of many of today's downloadable titles (like those on other mobile devices where companies feel pressured to underprice some of their apps at $1 because many before them have done so with success), because that can give gamers the lasting impression that games aren't worth much and aren't difficult to develop. As that impression continues, you can imagine that more companies will continue lowering their prices in tune with everyone else, and there is an issue of more people wanting great software without making the equivalent exchange of the money/energy it took to make the software, let alone make a profit to sustain the makers. I personally understand not being able to (or wanting to) afford some things, but without equivalent exchange/balance, we end up with an unbalanced/unsustainable system--a video game industry full of chaos and ungodly creatures (a.k.a "shovelware")....

Ok, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration for dramatic effect. I couldn't find the link to the particular statement from Nintendo I'm referring to, but this article is related:

--- The horror story article flussence linked seems fairly recent by its publish date, but I believe the developer was working with much older Wii U development kits than I have, likely the first kits that were released, and the story was merely covered and published much later. I have not experienced any of the developer troubles as was mentioned in that article (or any troubles, really), but I also believe that developer was using the development kit's C++ API, which might account for some of his troubles, such as compile and link times. While we can use C++ directly for Wii U development, Nintendo now provides the use of Unity or HTML5, so development is much easier and faster. Beyond that, I would say the Wii U development process has probably come a long way since what is depicted in the article.

--- The word from Valve has been around that "Steam Greenlight is going away" (google). I'm unsure what may replace it. But I would say one difference between indie development for Steam and for Nintendo would be that Steam projects must be "greenlit" by a community and published when Valve decides to, but Nintendo indies really only need their submission pass certain technical checks from Nintendo and are published more when the indie decides to. Also, as Unity or HTML5 can be used, that makes projects almost instantly portable to the many platforms Unity can export to, and HTML5 runs on any device that has a fairly modern browser engine (HTML JavaScript is also compilable to native code for performance). So I would say that while most Nintendo indies won't have to worry much about "rejection", if they are but have used Unity or HTML5, then they won't have lost much time developing for the Wii U since their project is easily portable to other platforms.

Nintendo also maintains good communication with indies on their developer forums.

(Note: Nintendo did NOT pay me to say this, lol.)
2 years ago#14
Oh, and I'll look into those other 3 also. ;)
2 years ago#15
Eggerland (Adventures of Lolo) is owned by Nintendo, HAL Labs to be precise... this is a perfect example of the problem. There hasn't been a new Lolo game in 14 years (20 if you only count consoles).

The series encapsulates what's best about Nintendo as a brand; simply planned, difficultly executed mascot based play.

And you can't say Lolo would be shovelware or otherwise unwanted, since Sokoban based games are STILL among the most popular games today (second only to the Roguelike, which, BTW, Nintendo has none of outside of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, arguably the weakest of the Procedurally Generated Exploration engines).
Plus I know you guys still care for the Lolo because he's cameo'd enough in the Kirby games.
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2 years ago#16
That is another great suggestion, Lokarin. :) The "spirit" of every game mentioned thus far (one in particular) will likely, in some way, be represented in the game that has been decided upon. The entire design has not been finalized yet, but the general direction has been decided. By August, I intend to have something to show.

Thank you everyone for your suggestions. All who have contributed or will contribute will be rewarded/thanked in some way, depending on what they've contributed (might at least be a "Made Using GameFAQs" screen, lol). By August, I may be looking at hiring a few people. More details then.
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