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So, Hobbit movies first or LotR?rexcrk99/9/2015
BOTFA Extended Edition is rated R.LostSeason749/1/2015
Why didn't Gandalf just kick Smaug's ass?Gojak_v338/22/2015
the fellowship vs the company
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New Tolkien novel coming out this October (not Middle Earth related)The_Ivory_Man48/19/2015
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Which Nazgl Were before becoming NazglAda-Wong-Fan47/11/2015
Saruman died left us...
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A Shadows of Mordor-like game set in the First Age would kick ass
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Silencer S136/11/2015
"Till now I have hewn naught but wood since I left Moria" - Gimlirexcrk96/8/2015
Out of curiosity, new material from Tolkien's world?
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When does the Extended Edition come out for The Hobbit third movie?WizardofHoth34/9/2015
What's the best Hobbit fancut?Kinny10044/8/2015
hobbit extended editionsEvelSaiyan34/7/2015
How in Gandalf's name did Peter Jackson get the job to direct lotr?Bearprint33/28/2015
Do you think there will be more?
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About Tolkien's creatures...EvelSaiyan83/13/2015
what did gandalf think when he first saw the ring?ShaolinAced53/10/2015
so who exactly constitutes the "5 armies" in the last movie?Flamechamp233363/9/2015
is galadriel as powerful as she was shown in battle of the five armies?
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