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Where do the elvis go after the movie? (Archived)
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Any of the games worth playing? (Archived)
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well. . . . what did everyone think? hobbit 2 spoilers and discussion (Archived)
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How much of the Hobbit/LotR did Tolkien compose during the war? (Archived)dfbsmjh76vcdbjl81/11 5:39PM
It's been discussed before but would a TV series of the Silmarillion work? (Archived)
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is everything gandalf does divine intervention? (Archived)
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Favorite Lord of the Rings film? (Poll)Arsene-Lupin101/8 11:31PM
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Strongest character in the series? (spoilers) (Archived)
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The Hobbit Part 3 - what do you think Hollywood will do? (Archived)
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Why couldn't the Elves just have led a mass exodus to Valinor? (spoilers?) (Archived)
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Alduin (or Paarthurnax) from Skyrim vs. Smaug (The Hobbit) ... Who wins? (Poll)Tomar-Re81/5 12:52PM
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