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Why couldn't the Elves just have led a mass exodus to Valinor? (spoilers?) (Archived)
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Alduin (or Paarthurnax) from Skyrim vs. Smaug (The Hobbit) ... Who wins? (Poll)Tomar-Re81/5 12:52PM
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Hobbit 2 question...*spoilers* (Archived)
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The Aragorn vs Sauron deleted scene, do you think they could have kept it? (Archived)
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Who the 'ell is Tauriel? (catchy song pokes fun at the new film's deviations) (Archived)hylianknight321/1 8:56PM
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Gandalf, Radagast (sp?), and Saruman - any other wizards with color names? (Archived)
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Gandalf Lore question... Possible spoilers. (Archived)
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Hobbit 2 mountain scene. (spoilers) (Archived)
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Just got three Tolkien books for Christmas. Don't know which one to start with. (Archived)MasterAdeptAlex912/30 5:10PM
Nearly an hour into the Hobbit movie and they haven't even left yet!? (Archived)LamboNemo1012/30 11:26AM
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Wasn't there a scene in the *trailer* where Thrain appears? [Slight Spoilers] (Archived)
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I got this weird love/hate thing with the LOTR films. <_< (Archived)
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Just to be clear, the order of the end credit songs: (Archived)
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For being literal Gods, Gandalf and Radagast sure do seem like bumbling fools. (Archived)
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"In a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit." (Archived)ItsYerBoy212/21/2013
Even if you didn't like DoS you have to admit... (Archived)AndFinrodFell512/19/2013