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Yoel Romero should fight somebody else...
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i want to start a daily routine. morning lifting and cardio. tips please.Proudclad61/28 7:06PM
How much cardio is too much cardio?Oreos7411/28 6:53PM
So who are the current top 5 gatekeepers in each division?(GK who l
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Wow that titanium rod in AS legs looks brutal.Slazer81/28 12:09PM
The last 2 free events did pretty good numbers ratings-wise. (Poll)Dart_Feld731/28 10:53AM
I wonder how McGregor is going to handle losing
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Texas Method with weighted squat HIITWatcher418741/28 7:08AM
This board is laughable when it comes to weight lifting advice
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UFC needs to fix their commentaryYuffie4life101/28 1:12AM
Brian Bowles Former WEC Champ busted for Meth_Mewtwo_Shadow_101/27 10:18PM
Luke Rockhold in Millionaire MatchmakerArkard71/27 9:29PM
UFC Fight Night: McGregor vs. Siver Picking Competition ResultsWaeahamaeara31/27 9:11PM
UFC on Fox: Gustafsson vs. Johnson Picking Competition ResultsWaeahamaeara101/27 9:06PM
If I get snowed in, and have to squat my gf for reps, what is the best way?LazerLXXVII281/27 5:56PM
I need help with strength and conditioning for wrestling/BJJ. Have no partners. (Closed)
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nick diaz looks recharged
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I have a few questions about this deadlift competition video.Neon Night Rider 161/27 11:32AM
Desperate to increase my vertical jump in a short period of time.NightMarishPie11/27 10:14AM
Do coaches teach different strategies to different boxers?Oreos7431/27 9:48AM