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Maybe/Probably beginning Gracie Jiu-Jitsu on Monday. What do I need to know?
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I'm honestly not buying any of this stuff as 100% legit.
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MA what else can I do to improve my immune system/keep body healthy?Sirkukukingz548/11 5:50AM
Can someone fill me in on the War Machine beating up 4 male porn stars story?VanDam28/11 5:32AM
UFC on Fox: Lawler vs. Brown Picking Competition ResultsWaeahamaeara28/11 4:35AM
How will the next staredown go?
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Can Rhonda beat Kimbo Slice?Sir_M0DAL0T78/10 9:45PM
A BJJ purple belt got mad because I fist choked him.
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For you lifters: How often do you switch up your routine? (Archived)
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Has anyone successfully trained for 20 strict form pull-ups? (no kipping) (Archived)
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Jones and Cormier talking when they thought the cameras were off (Archived)
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Questions about guys like Antonio Cesaro and professional strength training (Archived)Ray_AP_37108/10 12:10AM
Daniel Cromier is a fraud...... (Archived)
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WSOF 12 : Ronny Markes' quest to cure insomnia continues (Archived)SubbyWithDots78/9 9:31PM
Anybody watching Metamoris tonight? (Archived)
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Beginer workout. (Archived)JamesOwnzMaz58/9 8:03PM
Faber hurt, Caceres steps in (Archived)Byuusetsu48/9 12:02PM
LEAGUE S-70 "Platforma 5" Tournament Live Stream (on now) (Archived)BendoHendo18/9 10:53AM
Klitschko vs a restaurant. (Archived)
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why are lunges the s***tiest exercise ever? (Archived)lKaddl88/9 7:48AM