Are Fruit Loops just an innocent cereal brand or...

#1dmaz2Posted 4/29/2012 6:05:42 PM
A plan to convert ignorant children into Communist monsters???

You decide!


Let me decide for you. Just think about and then agree with what I say. In every fruit loops commercial, the hero Toucan Sam and his nephews go on adventures. For what purpose could these well presented be traveling the world? The answer is simple. They go to the homes of rich citizens, claim that they are greedy bastards, and then rob them blind of their surely well earned fruit loops. If the owners of the goods resist, then the Toucans will assault them into submission before making off with the goods. The toucans are never portrayed in a negative light nor punished for their crimes. Obviously they are meant to represent the oppressed proletariat simply fighting for their right to be equal, but this is a ruse.

At no point in the loopyverse are the Toucans shown doing any work contributing to society. Clearly the creator intent is that the equalization is its own intrinsic good and that they have a claim to the property by right of their existence.

I can only say here, that there is nothing you can do. In this country we have free speech, which allows them to spread commy filth to our children without repercussions. We must warn our children not to be swayed by this propaganda.

Thank you for reading.
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It's spelled Froot Loops tc
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Now I just feel silly.
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Anybody tried the new Three Olives Vodka flavored like Froot Loops?
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