possible west coast Tsunami?

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4 years ago#11
Did it hit yet?
My name is Judge.
4 years ago#12
omg i think i hear it coming
My name is Judge.
4 years ago#13
This guy needs to work on his enunciation.
4 years ago#14
Did that whole 104 hour countdown even start? I think it may have, and is obviously over by now. I just read something about some guy saying the countdown has been postponed because the knowledge of this HAARP earthquake/tsunami went viral and was featured all around the web, so they have pushed it back lol. Just another way of saying, "Welp, it didn't happen...but that's because it's been postponed...it will happen, one day...then you'll see I was right!"

There was this series of earthquakes off the coast of Washington State a day or two ago, which was said to be "unusual.":


But that doesn't mean much since the guy who can apparently hack into HAARP and figure out when they're going to use it says it was supposed to be Australian and Californian disasters.

Earthquakes happen all the time:

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