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If an astronaut was infected by lycanthropy after arriving at the moon... (Poll)Roook3531/7/2013
So this is what a government Disinfo youtube page looks like (Archived)wolf_blitzer8561/7/2013
Did William Shatner murder his wife? (Archived)
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Peni wear is shankdaddyx? Women not siens. (Archived)LaserGunPyew21/6/2013
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The great war of light has begun. Cory Matthews (Archived)GwynsSonSolaire31/5/2013
New documents confirmed: big banks coordinated with FBI to control Occupy (Archived)CC Ricers91/5/2013
Any reptilian sightings in 2013? (Archived)GwynsSonSolaire91/4/2013
So people over here believe that everything is a conspiracy/people are reptiles? (Archived)
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What happened to brumx? (Archived)therealmiggy91/2/2013
Life Coach Cory is now a Spiratual Guide. He has battled Satan and Channeled God (Archived)GwynsSonSolaire71/1/2013
Phantom Eye Syndrome: When People Without Eyes Can Still See (Archived)QQGG61/1/2013
What's with the pope and the vatican? (Archived)Wu_Zonghai21/1/2013
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found a conspiracy in "the walking dead". (Archived)LeadPipeCinche61/1/2013
Now that the 2012 thing is over. (Archived)Infamous760712/31/2012
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Hate to be a betrayer of my P/C/C people... (Archived)
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