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...And it looks like Holiday Hi-Jynx is banned from Boomerang again.
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Pokemon Mega Evolution Special II and S18 E2 and 3 topic *spoilers*
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Greninja! *spoilers for today's episode*pokedude90012/28 5:29AM
You guys seen the new Aqua vs Magma set? It's pretty nice.NewportBox100s12/26 1:15PM
Pokemon- Gotta Watch 'Em All!: A Watchthrough Topic - Part 3 (spoilers)
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They're making a Cynthia Nendoroid!pokedude90072/25 6:26AM
I Don't Think A Topic Has Been Posted About This Yet? (Spoilers?)TehLightBurst82/20 10:18AM
The new Diancie movie comes out on DVD Tuesday.NewportBox100s92/18 3:14PM
Pikachu short and... something... on Pokemon.comDonkeyKongSong52/17 11:19AM
Just got my first booster box... Korean version but 100% real.. Wild Blaze..
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Free online packs!TheGreatDebate32/10 7:39PM
I love how clever some of the names are.
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Does it surprise you how short lived some characters/Pokemon are in the anime?precita52/10 7:25PM
Finally back after a one month+ hiatus. New OP! *spoilers for today's episode* (Archived)
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My heart melted a little bit. (Archived)DK929212/5 2:52PM
XY Primal Clash released today! I opened a booster box. (Video) (Archived)NewportBox100s22/4 10:33AM
So are all the GB/GBC/GBA games susceptible to losing their battery saves? (Archived)
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So do new episodes of the show still air? (Archived)
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