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The biggest problem with the anime is that it has gone through massive fatigue
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Revisiting Pokemon: A Watchthrough Topic - Part 2 (spoilers)
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Boomerang schedule changes, with a few more to come soonDonkeyKongSong612/18 8:25PM
Got three packs of Pokemon cards recently. How did I do?Evangelized412/18 1:19PM
Just pulled a Mega Lucario EX out of a booster pack!!! :]NewportBox100s512/17 2:44PM
It's always seemed that "dumb" Pokemon suffer more from confusionslk_23312/16 2:10PM
Would you be open to this idea for Ash finally winning a league?
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A Clemont invention that actually works? *spoilers for today's episode*pokedude900212/13 10:21PM
Was there a Guilty Gear xrd commercial shown during the Pokemon commercial breakPrettyTonyTiger312/13 1:13PM
Which Generation of Pokemon would win a battle royal?
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Updated Filler Episodes List (up to XY050) by Tvmasterdoodles
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Will ash ever catch them all?Ilirldatyou212/10 10:59AM
Can we f***ing discuss the older Pokemon games here?Daemonscharm712/10 3:08AM
Figurine enthusiasts: regarding May.NaotoIsMaiWaifu712/9 7:35PM
I just ordered 9 booster packs for 3 bucks each!
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Shauna's back *spoilers for today's episode*pokedude900512/6 4:27PM
Team Rocket going after Salamence *spoilers for today's episode* (Archived)pokedude900511/30 6:08PM
New XY Japanese titles revealed! Possible spoilers and speculation (Archived)
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Shalour City Gym battle! *spoilers for today's episode* (Archived)
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Would you find a girl attractive if she wore this $60 Pokemon dress? (Archived)slk_23211/23 8:36PM