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Pokemon- Gotta Watch 'Em All!: A Watchthrough Topic - Part 3 (spoilers)
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So are all the GB/GBC/GBA games susceptible to losing their battery saves?slk_2331/25 6:15AM
I've decided who I want the next Gym Champion to be.HeroicSomaCruz41/24 1:06AM
So do new episodes of the show still air?
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Just got my first booster box... Korean version but 100% real.. Wild Blaze..
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Revisiting Pokemon: A Watchthrough Topic - Part 2 (spoilers) (Closed)
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My problem with Pokemon rangers
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Opening 36 packs of FAKE cards. (On video!)NewportBox100s11/15 10:14AM
Why does the Vs. Seeker require charging by moving around?slk_2381/14 12:20AM
XY Primal Clash - Who's excited?NewportBox100s11/13 4:01PM
What would your Pokemon name be? (Archived)Mudquips41/11 3:19PM
Just a rant about the movies. Nothing to be scared of. (Archived)Mudquips51/8 4:57AM
Opening a Charizard EX Box - Amazing pulls!! (Archived)NewportBox100s51/6 12:22AM
The anime should've ended as a 2 episode OVA yay or nay? (Archived)
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Just pulled a Mega Lucario EX out of a booster pack!!! :] (Archived)
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The biggest problem with the anime is that it has gone through massive fatigue (Archived)
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The new Pokemon XY manga just came out 28 days ago for 5 bucks!!! :D (Archived)NewportBox100s112/30 3:34PM
Just ordered 36 packs of fake cards for 15 bucks O_o (Archived)NewportBox100s1012/29 6:53PM
Taking a trip down memory lane, and now I have questions (Archived)Ackel13XIII412/27 5:03PM