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I really can't get over Ash's voice in XY (Archived)
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Yeah, now that I look back Team Rocket were unnecissary in alot of episodes (Archived)
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Team Rocket is studying Pikachu... *spoilers for today's episode* (Archived)
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Looks like XY024 will be airing in America this June. (Archived)tvmasterdoodles45/26 8:57AM
What Is The Pokemon Movie With The Best Ending Song(s)? (Poll)Burningocean25/24 1:34PM
So Ash was in a coma the whole time? (Archived)
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Can anyone explain why Team Rocket is still in this show? (Archived)Molutana55/23 10:29AM
Missingno = Pokemon #152 , right? (Archived)
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Pokemon Mega Evolution OVA Special on Cartoon Network May 31 at 8am! (Archived)
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To those who say XY is just a ripoff of AG I say take another look (spoilers) (Archived)
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Camphrier Town *spoilers for today's episode* (Archived)pokedude90055/18 3:05PM
Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire confirmed! (Archived)
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Ninjas! *spoilers for today's episode* (Archived)pokedude90095/12 5:08PM
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Updated Filler Episodes List (Up to XY025) bt Tvmasterdoodles (Archived)
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