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why do they make ash lose the pokemon league (Archived)
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BW079 and BW080 *SPOILERS* (Archived)Catcher_Freeman24/8/2012
So I'm wanting to make a live action Pokemon Spoof... (Archived)Nintendoboy7754/6/2012
Theory I've always had. (Archived)RPGaddict2824/6/2012
Oh no. Please don't go there. *spoilers for today's episode* (Archived)pokedude90034/6/2012
What's your favourite theme? (Archived)Leon012104/6/2012
so what was up with the truck? (Archived)nh38fcv37jf04h3104/4/2012
What would be your guard pokemon? (Archived)
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Several new Pokemon games announced! (Archived)pokedude90044/1/2012
That Dude in the Suede reviews Pokemon The First Movie. (Archived)Antiyonder64/1/2012
So why exactly did the anime give Iris an Excadrill *Spoilers* (Archived)Spiral5594/1/2012
Thinking of selling all my Pokemon cards on eBay. (Archived)bsballa0933/30/2012
Looks like Ash forgot about Todd Snap. *spoilers for today's episode* (Archived)
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Rate my team... (Archived)Nintendoboy7793/30/2012
If Alakazam can remember everything from birth (Archived)Behaviorism23/30/2012
Rate this oldschool Pokemon card deck (Archived)MCMinnow13/29/2012
best old pokemon card? (Archived)TJ_17_53/28/2012
How many non-video games for Pokemon can you think of? (Archived)MCMinnow43/27/2012
Well, at least they left one story event in the anime. *spoilers for today's ep* (Archived)
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Ash Said he was coming back in the first season (Archived)
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