Best 2D (j)RPG with square grided graphics?

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4 years ago#11
This is just for the field-screen. Battle-screens can be whatever.
4 years ago#12
Your restriction is rather pointless then. At that point, you're just excluding games just for the sake of exclusion. That's like saying what game is the best that uses Helvetica as its font.
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4 years ago#13
My restriction is so that we consider games in a specific graphic shape. Much like how you could, more generaly, ask for 3D/2D/Pre-rendered.
I have a hard time coming with games that use what I want in the battle screen, save for sRPG's and some old NES games. And since so many games do battle screens differently, it would be even harder to come with examples. Pokémon does a sort of 3rd person perspective thing. FF does a side camera view, Sweet Home does 1st person view... no point in restricting it imo.

I am just looking for a specific sprite form (squared) and hopefully, a tileset style that doesn't cause much disparity with it. While also trying to figure out which game did it best. So far, I also think it's FF4a.

One of the reasons I made this topic is Half-Minute Hero. I just love the low resolution sprites from that game. But too bad that game doesn't have exploration in the traditional sense at least. And so I would like to know examples of similar games.
But it seems very soon, after the SNES capabilities allowed for better resolution and colors, jRPG's sprite evolved into the size what CT, FF6, ToP and many others are.
4 years ago#14
4 years ago#15
Gobli's Adventure
4 years ago#16
I don't what's the best one, but I sure know what's the worst one - Pokemon Red/Blue!
To be honest, if the game developers of Pokemon Red/Blue set out to make a ****y game, they succeeded with flying colors!
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