Do you like having kids as heroes?

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Paromin posted...
I still wouldn't care that much if ToI had a mature set of main characters

It's not like the plot of ToI is good enough for me to want a specific part of it to be better. I'd still care way more about what skills Luca has than how old he is or much contrast they have between him and his alter ego. Sure it might be better had the main characters been better designed, so what? The rest of it is still mediocre, if not just outright stinks.

it's ruca not luca :/ (the characters name is in english font in both the games original trailer and has been translated as such when they reference him in carta for tales of graces) and honestly he was the only one that wasn't obnoxious. sure he was wimpy but he gradually grew out of that. but yeah the ds version leaves alot to be desired however the vita version fixed a few things and upgraded the battle system.

the problems i had were with the rest of the cast and its god awful mascot character. namely hermana. though to be fair archtypes are half the battle and i'm not the only one who doesn't care for loli moe blob and tsunderes >.>
You've been taking writing tips from stephanie meyer haven't you? oh you poor thing.
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Uryvichk posted...
And I'd point out that a story where you play as a "50-year old Chuck Norris clone" could be interesting even so if this seasoned badass wakes up one day and realizes that all he's ever done in his life is kick ass and he's never bothered to question whether kicking ass was the right thing to do or whether it was creating a better world or a better life for himself. "Seasoned Badass" is as much a starting point as "Naive Kid," but in both cases the character has to grow from there.

That made of think of Garr from Breath of Fire 3, and it works pretty well there at least. And I agree with the rest of your post, good points. There's no reason a 50 year old character has to be any more static than a 15 year old, it just comes down to different approaches and writing quality.
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It depends. In some cases where they grow up over a period of time, such as zelda oot its cool and fun but in other cases where they stay 5 years old throughout the entire game is just stupid.
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I don't really give a **** about what the official naming convention is. It's pretty obvious who I'm referring to anyway.

Like I said the main party being kids is just one of the many problems of ToI's plot. And if I let it bother me that much then I'd pay more attention to the quality of the rest of it. And the plotof ToI doesn't deserve that much scrutiny because it's not like it's excellent to begin with. Same goes for just about any RPG with kids for heroes. The plots aren't just good enough for me to care. If the story says the hero is 16 then he/she's 16. I'm okay with that. Clearly the writer doesn't care for realism or isn't that good so why should I be bothered, it's just a video game anyway.

If it was a novel then I'd be bothered. It's not like books have anything much going for them if the aspects of the plot stink. Video games have graphics, music, and most importantly the actual gameplay. So what if they drop the ball with one or all aspects of the story?
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But the average age of game players now is 35.
No. Why the f*** do you think that?
Cause you have aged? lol
The average age is, has been and probably forever will be about 15.

Also I want to say I understand there is historical justification for kids being heroes.

No, you do not understand.
This has nothing to do with history whatsoever.
This is purely for self insertion.Teenager your own age has epic adventure. Especially with silent mains that don't have a default name it's for the target audience player to imagine it's themselves going on epic adventures and being powerful fighters.

And to a 15 year old, 25 is old. 40 is ancient. Anything past 50 is lucky to be still breathing.

Depends, if they try to at least make it realsitic, or give them realistic persoanlties and reactions, or at least avoid making them annoying its ok.
Not anymore.
Unrealistically mature kids was a problem a long time ago but nowdays we get teens that are actual teens.
Not good. They are just annoying and stupid. I cannot even count anymore how often I wanted to punch through the screen cause some rpg protag was being a stupid kid.

then there's legendia where the cast is called children and they bang you over the head with this even though all only one of them is in their early teens and will the one who calls them children is a clueless guy in his 20's who isn't the oldest and barely older than moses.
Yeah, thought the same thing when I was playing.
Legendia's cast was so f***ing bad

symphonia and abyss does this to a lesser extent even though it has a similar situation. once again both games only have 1 or 2 young characters while the rest are late teens to early or even late twenties
In Abyss it's really just a running gag.
I mean Jade talks as if he's 60 or so and it never intrudes into the main plot like it does in Legendia.
It's also almost entirely restricted to skits.

I think Hope from FFXIII is a good example of this done at least somewhat right, since it shows how badly a 14 year old boy from a modern society would handle being thrown into a typical RPG situation.
XII had some amazing character development.
Hope as s**** at first, Snow was s*** at first but both pulled through and became likable.
And XIII-2 Hope is cool.

Long story short, characters in games being younger than 99 does not bother me.
What about 1313 year old protags?
Who are still kids?

If you were trapped in the wild without food, you probably wouldn't be willing to kill a wild animal until you got really hungry.
In the middle ages they didn't have super markets yet. If you want meant, you need to kill something. And then skin and gut it yourself.
A 16 year may very well have been doing that for 5+ years.

And there's nothing sexualized about the game at all nor exploitative
Miyazaki is an obvious lolicon. A,lmost all his movies feature little girls that are either naked or in underwear.

Also, I do like how in FFXIII the protag is a 21 year old soldier. And a woman. And way hot.
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@Megidoloan: Quit throwing out random **** like they are facts if they are not.

But the average age of game players now is 35.
No. Why the f*** do you think that?
Cause you have aged? lol
The average age is, has been and probably forever will be about 15.

Even the ESA says the average gamer is about 30. Five second yahoo/pick your search engine search will net you that. You should never mistake an opinion for a quantitative fact.

Vaild OPINION: I think most gamers seem to be, or at least act, like they are 15.

Valid FACT: A scientific survey says the average age of polled video game players are over 30. (Now, questioning the sample size/aim of the survey is totally legitimate).
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To be honest, my suspicions about the "average age of gamers nowadays is 30" is that I believe those include cellphone and "ultra casual Bejeweled" gamers. Yes, technically those ARE still videogamers... but still.

When you include those in the mix, the waters kind of get muddied a bit, because casual gaming is... really almost an entirely different market altogether.
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^Well, the study from the NBC news story probably isn't including those casual bejeweled players, or if it is, I doubt it's skewing the results very much. After all, there's no reason to think that casual bejeweled players are fatter or more depressed than the rest of the country.
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Davzz posted...
To be honest, my suspicions about the "average age of gamers nowadays is 30" is that I believe those include cellphone and "ultra casual Bejeweled" gamers. Yes, technically those ARE still videogamers... but still.

When you include those in the mix, the waters kind of get muddied a bit, because casual gaming is... really almost an entirely different market altogether.

But is it really? Our corporate overlords are gonna shift the market to accommodate the largest group of paying suckers they can nab... and the cellphone casuals who willingly sacrifice personal telemetry data to play with birds and words are an easy mark. The market shifted in Japan a few years ago; we were a few years behind on 3G and a few years behind on that shift as well. Index is going to shift SMT into cellphone crap -- the unexpected success of Persona 4 is the only thing that is slowing that move. Persona 4 Golden could have just as easily been released on the PS3 as it could have been on the PSV -- PSV is a portable system and they really want to get the hardcore gaming community comfortable with the shift from the console market to portables only to really facilitate the shift to cellphones and web based games.

I've been listening to people talk about the next gen consoles and to be honest, most of the prospective talk is disturbing. I guess that's why I see the topic of this thread as petty -- there's many bigger fish to fry in the rpg community. Things are not as bad currently as they may be in the very near future. The success of games of NNK and FE:A are enough to make corporate not totally write off the genre just yet -- sales of niche titles is a good thing. I don't know how many people were paying attention, but the "idea guys" at Microsoft LOST THE BATTLE. They were all unceremoniously bounced out of the company for attempting to keep some creativity bs going when everyone else was all about the bottom line. XNA almost made it big. So, since Nintendo is notorious for not allowing 3rd party support (I've personally spoken with a developer who could get his app on the 3DS b/c his studio wasn't big enough)... good luck getting anything on PSN (Journey did so well it bankrupted the company)... the next gen will be relegated to either AAA shooters/bs or commercially safe sequels. I guess there's Steam (with that sexy F customer service rating from the BBB). Offline mode ain't as offline as you'd think, lol.

To me, it seems like the casual model that Davzz is referring to is slated to become the new norm. Microsoft pretty much is talking about the 360 and nextbox in the context of entertainment hubs; Sony and MS are playing a face card high game of poker to see who is going to lock their system to used content first and then there's the Wii U which comes off as the least evil of the three. And we're really having a multipage conversation about "kiddie heroes", TC? You may not have ANY heroes next gen, at the current rate. There's really only two or three major jrpg companies that are still solvent; I'm pretty sure the moe blob companies are merging together because they are expecting the next gen to be particularly nasty, as well.
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Funny, Steam has a rating of 'F' from the BBB? Must be trolls, because I had an issue with a credit card and they e-mailed me almost immediately and were incredibly nice. The problem wasn't even on their end and they attempted to fix the issue for me.

Also, That Game Company, the studio that created Journey, bankrupted the company while Journey was in development. This was because the project took 3 years when it was only schedule to take one and they doubled the number of people on staff during development. However, the game WAS a financial success and they made up those losses.

The company isn't bankrupt anymore. Their contract with Sony has expired, so they're free to make whatever games they want on whatever platform they want. They're still very much in business. It was a risk they took and it worked out for them.
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