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Wow, there's definitive editions exclusive to iOS... (I'm late to the party)Shinra-Army312/22 9:13AM
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FFXIII: A Protracted Review/Discussion
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Can someone give tips on a good deck set up for KH RE Chain of Memories?xxnike629xx412/19 10:55AM
can the poll of the day finally put to rest which FF was the best
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Two new SaGa games announced!!
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FFVII appreciation thread *massive spoilers*
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So... FFVII is coming to PS4 on Spring of 2015TriangleHard612/18 10:38AM
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Would this spoiler ruin a 1st time playthrough for Final Fantasy X? (*Spoilers*)AcidRainLee812/17 6:38AM
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Who'd win in a fight: Lightning vs Snow (Poll)MisterPengy512/11 4:32AM
damn buying ALL the Final Fantasy music CDs is expensive! So many to buy!HellsingOrg512/10 11:00AM
Drunken Bar Fight: Sabin and Zell vs Tifa and Yang (Poll)FonicsMonkey1012/7 11:18PM
Who'd win in a fight: Agrias vs Gilgamesh (Poll)MisterPengy1012/7 11:04PM
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Which character class is the best? (Archived)
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