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FFVII appreciation thread *massive spoilers*
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Which character class is the best?phantomzyrus711/25 7:46PM
What should I play next?Dylamallama411/25 7:46PM
How long will it take to get to level 99 in Dragon Quest VIII?Red_Galiray611/25 6:16PM
Who'd win in a fight: Cid (FF6) vs Cid (FF8) (Poll)MisterPengy511/25 4:57PM
General LeoByron808311/25 8:31AM
Who'd win in a fight: Bartz vs Kain (Poll)MisterPengy311/25 5:11AM
Who'd win in a fight: Quistis vs Paine (Poll)MisterPengy511/23 10:46PM
What do you want SE to do for the 30th Final Fantasy Anniversary in 2017?
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recently replayed some of old FF gamesTriangleHard911/21 10:35AM
Would you play Final Fantasy Tactics Online? (MMOG)abseeley511/20 11:59AM
Best "modern" final fantasy?
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Do you think they'll ever release an updated FFV and FFVI on Vita or something?xxnike629xx511/18 7:50PM
Amarant, Squall, Vincent, Auron, Paine and Lightning are make up a game's party
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Reaction: Square-Enix remakes Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross for the PS4...
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Why can't I be an epic RPG hero yet?HeroicSomaCruz711/17 8:18AM
Who'd win in a fight: Ayla vs Umaro (Poll)MisterPengy511/17 12:21AM
Who'd win in a fight: Locke vs Zidane (Poll)
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ff9 on ps3meo1986511/12 2:17PM
Who'd win in a fight: Galuf vs Tellah (Poll)MisterPengy711/11 8:14PM