Official Parks and Rec Leslie Knope Campaign Edition *Spoilers*

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I've noticed this too and I like to think that it's Andy's optimism/love/general positive attitude which is rubbing off on her.

The opening was great when everyone was dreading being Leslie's choice.

You saw that as dread? I saw it more as everyone knew it was going to be Anne and were getting annoyed by the dramatic lead-in.

And I was really expecting Champion to be significant at the end. Like he would tug on the audience's heartstrings and end up being their mascot.

Also, for a long time I could never find out why people found Aubrey Plaza so attractive. But recently it just kind of clicked.
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Does being happy devoting all your time to your hobbies and working on projects/ideas/inventions really mean you're depressed?
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This was the hardest I've laughed in awhile. Andy making ramen in the coffee pot, Ron on contractors, and everything with Chris and Ben nearly had me in tears.
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The scene where the gang goes to the ice rink to address the crowd was hilarious. At first, I glossed over "Get On Your Feet" until everyone started slipping on the ice. And then Pistol Pete trying to dunk on ice.

It's the hardest I've laughed at P&R ever.
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The stuff on the ice skating rink might be the funniest stuff this show has ever done. I started to lose control of my body laughing like I've only done maybe once before, when I saw Borat in the theater. When Andy busted out laughing at Pistol Pete, I was just done, I really don't know what happened the rest of the way after that I was laughing so hard.
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lol I just noticed an error in editing in the ice rink scene. When Ron puts Champion down it cuts to a wide shot and Leslie asks how she's gonna get on the stage without stairs. In that shot, Andy is already holding Champion. When it cuts back to a close up of the group after that, Andy is JUST picking Champion up.
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I loved the part where Ben is showing Chris his film and its like 2 seconds long lol. "I compared it to Avatar!"
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How did everything go?
Nailed it!
No we didn't.

Excellent episode.
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"Get on your feet!" kicking in for the last time had me rolling so hard.
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