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4 years ago#441
This is my favorite episode of the series, hands down.
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4 years ago#442
I could believe that, but not the video game episode before the Chang episode, given the way this episode ended.
We're all stories in the end.
4 years ago#443
That got so ridiculous, but I loved every second of it.
"First time I got punched in the face, I was like "oh no", then I was like "this is a story"."
4 years ago#444
Con: Re-using the quick flashback premise from S2.
Pro: Almost every cutaway made me laugh.

Loved it.
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4 years ago#445
Fantastic episode, oh my god. The beginning was hilarious. I love the cop. He's probably my second favorite secondary character next to Fat Neil. This whole episode was so good. I liked all of the callbacks, and all of the random memories.

Once again though, I think Abed's condition is worsening as he's getting older because things are falling into place easier. In the first two seasons, he lived in a dorm room. He was kind of on his own, he had TV and stuff, but was still under a really rigid set of rules, including being still sort of under the wing of his father. Now though, he's with Troy full-time, and Troy I think is maturing because he's seeing that when he's not being childish (lol) and playing Inspector Spacetime with Abed, he has to keep one foot on reality to keep Abed grounded. Abed now has a live-in guardian with Troy, who takes care of everything, and Abed's world is perfect, he has everything he wants. Kind of weird logic, but maybe someone will understand what I mean. Because his ideal world is so attainable, playing around with Troy and having fun and watching TV, when anything goes wrong, he just panics. Like the friggin clock getting turned back, and Shirley saying something about movies.

I liked all of the meta references too. The paintball stuff, the community college being 2 years stuff. Hilarious.

"GREENDALE IS PURGATORY....AND I'M THE DEVIL!!!!" <----loved the LOST reference
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4 years ago#446
Oh man, that episode was absolutely hilarious! I think that is was even better than the first clip show.
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4 years ago#447
I liked it.
4 years ago#448
Man why did they have to tease us with a fake paintball flashback!!!!
And it was 1950's noire style too!!!! Paintball tommyguns?! God dammit!!!
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4 years ago#449
I f***ing lost it once they started pulling the whole "Greendale isnt real, was all in your mind" crap.
Great episode.
4 years ago#450
X Launcher posted...
"Not yet. I want to see what happens when we confiscate one of their pens."

XFD, terrific episode. I love clip shows that aren't really clip shows.

that particular line was brilliant, and all around this was one of the best of the season. Troy had some great lines tonight.
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