Need help identifying a song that played during "The Crazy Ones" (10/10)

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3 years ago#1
I'm referring to the episode titled "Bad Dad," which aired on October 10th (yesterday, at the time of this writing).

It plays during a sequence in Simon (Robin Williams's character) is trying to teach Sydney (Sarah Michelle Gellar) how to drive. I think the song might normally have lyrics but here it did not. I want to find the song but I don't know the artist or the title; it's driving me nuts!

I would appreciate some help identifying the song. If you didn't see it or you need a refresher, you can see the episode on It starts at about the 12:11 or 12:12 mark (you may have to wait for some commercials to finish though even if you skip ahead).

I would appreciate the help.
3 years ago#2
Whenever I need to find a song I don't know I google the lyrics and it tends to pop up. I can't really help more because I don't even know what it is but sarah michelle gellar.... so I will catch up today and I'll post it later if no one else has
3 years ago#3
As I mentioned in my original post, I'm not even sure the song has lyrics so I certainly don't know them if it does.

I even tried that website that will try match songs to a recording of you humming or singing the song you're looking for (I think it's called Midomi). That didn't help at all.

I thank you, though, if you actually give it a try, Mooogleman.
3 years ago#4
I checked it out it sounded familiar your right no lyrics so next to impossible. It sounds like a lot of things though it is entirely possible that it is some thing original done for the show and that is why nothing is matching up. It did sound very familiar though but a lot of similar style music can seem similar some times though. Really sorry figured there would be some thing to go off of :/ I can think of a dozen synth pop or similar style things that it could be just not quite sure what exactly it is. It honestly might be made for it as I said which would be why nothing can pick up what it is.

This is gonna drive me crazy I have gone through that scene a half dozen times now I really feel it should be obvious but with nothing knowing what it is I am thinking it just sounds similar to things. Now I am going to be obsessing over this ><
3 years ago#5
isnt it safe and sound? by capital cities
3 years ago#6
Asgaga posted...
isnt it safe and sound? by capital cities

I looked it up on YouTube and, yes this is the song! I had a feeling it lyrics. Thank you so much, Asgaga!

I also thank you again, Mooogleman, for helping out. You can rest easy now that the mystery has been solved.
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  3. Need help identifying a song that played during "The Crazy Ones" (10/10)

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