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The 25th Amazing Race, Silver editionpikamemnon79/28 4:29AM
Arrow Spoilers: Official Description For S03E02 + I got M. Merlyn to signRyyaann_Is_Band49/27 9:37PM
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The one with chandler in a box...HHH is the game39/27 6:58PM
I thought the premiere of SVU was fine and all but... (slight spoilers)bigtiggie2389/27 6:12PM
When did they start mixing Everybody loves Raymond and Kings Of Queen?
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WTF at the Bones premiere?? *MAJOR SPOILERS*
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If Firefly got seven seasons would it have been better than Buffy? (Poll)BCAM198489/27 2:31PM
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I wish I had watched Hannibal as it was airing.
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Hell's Kitchen season 13 topic (spoilers)
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I started watching 24's third season again....
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They got rid of the Master Chef auditions.
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Wednesday ratings (9/24): black-ish starts strong, Survivor returns up
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***Big Brother 16 Discussion (TV SHOW ONLY)***
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