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Tuesday ratings (1/20): The Flash returns down; MasterChef Jr and Parks steadywest coast style51/22 9:28PM
Power Rangers Discussion Topic guys ? *spoilers for all seasons*
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Friday ratings (1/16): Constantine sinks in new time slot, Hawaii Five-0 Dips
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FOX has renewed Empire, Gotham, Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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Breaking Bad's Vince Gilligan and House's David Shore are making a show togetherHHH is the game41/21 9:08PM
Elliot on Scrubs is like a worse BrittaHHH is the game81/21 8:22PM
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Monday ratings (1/19): Gotham, Scorpion, Sleepy Hollow down; State of Affairs upwest coast style41/21 8:27AM
What is / How is Friday Nights Lights?
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Does teen wolf get any better?brantank41/20 10:51PM
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