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3 years ago#1
Valar Dohaeris: 7.85
Dark Wings, Dark Words: 8.35
Walk of Punishment: 9.15
And Now His Watch Is Ended: 9.40
Kissed By Fire: 9.24
The Climb: 8.27
The Bear and the Maiden Fair: 7.39
Second Sons: 8.64

Scale of 1-10

Note So book readers, did this episode live up to the high expectations you (and I) undoubtedly had for this episode? Share your thoughts!
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3 years ago#2
Not comic - animated. For eight years America was ruled by Pinky and the Brain.-Thanatos the Great
3 years ago#3
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3 years ago#4
10 caps
3 years ago#5
3 years ago#6
"I like casey heyward a lot. Would loveyou to getyou him ina like theyou third orand somesuch" - ILoveTheBengalz
>D The Arc in the Sky
3 years ago#7
"I've had my prices super low and it hasn't sold which is why I bumped up the price."-xxnike629xx
3 years ago#8

The highlight of GoT/aSoIaF. If this episode doesn't get a 10 then no other one can. So much going on- the Red Wedding, Queenscrown, the family getting so close to reuniting and then it all falling apart. AWESOME.

Some little nitpicky differences from the books, mostly it seemed a lot more impending and foreshadowed in the books, and I'm glad they didn't as much here.
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3 years ago#9

Pretty happy the the Red Wedding was portrayed.
Ladarius_Green posted...
[Bill Polian] and gil brandt should fight to the death and the winner gets executed
3 years ago#10

even before the last scene it was ****ing phenomenal. far and away the best episode of the series.
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