I think one of the most disturbing scenes in BB is *spoilers*

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First post and Vlayer's post are definitely contenders for the worst. The only scene I might argue is worse is when the bathtub in Jessie's house decomposes. Mainly because of the gore. S1 is really the only season that has nudity, gore (with the exception of a S4 scene), and excessive F-bombs. When they knew they were safe from cancellation they did the right thing by focusing more on being 'above' gratuity.
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I thought the scene of the prison killings was the most disturbing.

yeah, the stabbings were just so vicious.
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the prison killings were pretty disturbing when you thought about them.
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for me it doesn't get any more disturbing than this

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this by far


Oh god, I'm going to hell...

Should have ended with MMMM WHATCHA SAAAAAY