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3 years ago#1
After deciding that was not the end we deserved but the end we needed I realized I hated it because it resolved nothing.

1) Masuka's daughter was nothing!

2) Astor and Cody are now without a (negligent) dad again and their little bro is gone forever!

3) Quinn is not promoted and is single again.

4) Dexter was pretty much normal, that's what the last 3 seasons have been about, finding/being in love and loosing the need to kill only for him to walk away from it all.

I would rather have seen

1) Dex die, and Deb raise Harrison

2) dex die/get busted and Deb and Quinn raise Harrison

3) Had Lumen come back instead of Hannah

4) Harrison gets killed by Vogel and Dex goes full killer mode again

5) robo doakes

......I don't know, I am mad at myself for caring, I should have stopped after season 6 but frigging homeland and other stuff kept me subscribed.
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3 years ago#2
How is this the ending we "needed"? Unless it just needed to end?
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3 years ago#3
Meh the show has been on a stead downhill slope of bad writing straight from the gate, interesting concept kept me through all the seasons, but really it was a slug fest of terrible writing and horrid sub plots

The end of the whole thing was wrong, its so against any aspect of his character at all do to that
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3 years ago#4
Upon reflection I can answer #1 the daughter was the breast this season, no one else showed them so she was needed for the mandatory T&A.
DOOD!!! ~Prinnies
3 years ago#5
They left the ending ambiguous on purpose, it's sad you don't see that. Just imagine season 9 and how it plays out:

Dexter gets bored of being a lumberjack after a couple of months, decides to go back to Miami.

He needs a job.

He contacts Miami-Metro who are super happy to see that he didn't actually die! They give Dexter his old job back. Everyone visits all teary eyed, saying sorry about Deb - with side comments like "her body just up and vanished during the hurricane," and they'll never follow up on it again. Except, Quinn knows! And doesn't care

Masuka has crazy shenanigans trying to be in the dating world again while having a daughter whom he has forbidden from dating anyone! She's dating Elway! oh noooooo

By episode 3 it's clear there's a new serial killer in Miami. Uh oh!

The rest of the season plays out like every other season. Dexter chasing a killer who keeps racking up a body count. This serial killer however feels incredible pain, regret, and remorse after each kill. Dexter internally nicknames him The Killer of Tears.

Dexter wonders how a sociopath killer that's not suppose to have emotions, like him, suddenly has emotions completely ignoring every bit of character development from the previous 8 season

Harry comes back, tells Dexter he didn't learn his lesson. Dexter ignores Harry.

The second to last episode has Hannah come back to Miami with Harrison for reasons. They meet up with Dexter. Elway shows up. Hijinks ensue and Elway ends up being poisoned.

In the last episode The Killer of Tears shows up, after being not killed by Dexter the entire season despite ample opportunity for Dexter to do so, and kills Hannah. Everyone starts crying. Harrison kills KoT.

Dexter gives a wink and a nod to the camera while Harry stands in the background, facepalming, fade to black.
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3 years ago#6
There are so many points where Dexter should have just said "f*** it" and left for Argentina with Hannah and Harrison. The police are trained to deal with serial killers, just let them do their job and get the f*** out of Miami before the storm hit. If he just left and started a new life as a full time family man then there wouldn't be any real downside for Dexter, plus I'm sure the change in scenery would make him forget about his brooding depression.
3 years ago#7
There is a vast difference between ambiguity and poor story telling.
You just got told the TRUTH!!!
3 years ago#8
DealerofTruths posted...
There is a vast difference between ambiguity and poor story telling.

I was being sarcastic. The writing for this season has been absolutely atrocious and there's really no justification for how they decided to end this series.
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