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That episode was amazing *TWD SPOILERS* (Archived)
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Walking Dead Comic prison spoilers comment *SPOILERS* (Archived)
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Anyone remember Katee Sackhoff in Nip/Tuck? (Archived)ClayGuida212/2/2013
Anyone have that stunt double photo from TWD (Archived)
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Easily the best storyline in the works for TWD Season 4 Part 2... spoilers (Archived)markcsii212/2/2013
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Would you say that the overall theme of The Walking Dead is...*spoilers* (Archived)
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(TWD mid-season Spoilers) I'm not one to nitpick the show but 2 things upset me (Archived)ATH8807312/2/2013
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The Walking Dead is such a boring s... HOLY F***ING S***!!!1wtbfbq!?!@#gawtdam?! (Archived)joe40001112/2/2013
alright, TV shows, no more guns. You can't have em. No. Nnnnno.(TWD spoilers) (Archived)
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So who was "that zombie"? The one who looked familiar. *spoiler* (Archived)
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Question about TWD episode last night.*spoilers* (Archived)abbeldydoo612/2/2013
is it too early to judge or is scott gimple (Archived)wolf_lancer25612/2/2013
Do you think that if TWD goes on long enough that *Carl and Rick spoilers* (Archived)
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What's the deal with the rats? *Walking Dead spoilers* (Archived)spanky1712/2/2013
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