Why do people claim black people talk during movies?

#1grape_escapePosted 4/26/2012 6:00:45 PM
It's a straight up racist stereotype. So 1 or 2 blacks talk during a movie and all of a sudden they all do? I've had more white teenagers talk during my movie experiences than any black person.
#2Gamer7147Posted 4/26/2012 6:11:01 PM

We always get judged like this.
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#3Megathorn22Posted 4/26/2012 6:22:06 PM
Jesus... stop with the soap box act will you? No one is judging anyone.

In my experience, the people talking during film are black teens. It's not just one or two either, and it has happened more times than I ever thought possible.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you they are all like this, or that every black person I see, I will think "Oh, that guy is going to cause trouble". I also will never state that black teens interrupting movies is a universal fact. How can I know that, and why would I assume that? I can only tell you my experiences, and that's not something I can change. It happened.

Hell, I never even use to notice that it was black people. I just thought I was unfortunate enough to always be in a theater with loud jerks. Eventually, and slowly, I did start to notice. No problem with blacks, just simple observance.

Call me a racist if you like, but I advise you really consider that word's meaning instead of just using it because it's the cool thing to do these days, for some reason.

Anyway, you can go ahead and go on missing the point, sorry to interrupt.
#4Orange ClockworkPosted 4/26/2012 6:23:50 PM
Why do people claim black people talk during movies?

Because a bunch do?
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#5Leonheart10587Posted 4/26/2012 6:53:55 PM
I don't mean to. Honestly. I don't talk at all if it's a good movie but if it's bad or I don't give a s*** I'll just openly talk trash about it or riff on it out-loud. At the end of The Village was when I and many others just went off.
#6Megathorn22Posted 4/26/2012 7:00:16 PM
Haha... well, can't blame you for that one. Just keep in mind there are people in the theater who may like the movie you don't. If you hate it, just leave.
#7CzarcasmPosted 4/26/2012 7:00:58 PM
Because reality.
#8rdot12Posted 4/26/2012 7:18:33 PM
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#9FonyPosted 4/26/2012 7:30:07 PM
just like us puerto ricans sneak in tons of snacks

i saw a PR couple who brought a home cooked meal to the theater.
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#10PStrifePosted 4/26/2012 7:47:25 PM
1. People talk

2. During movies

3. It is dark?