"You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain"

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That quote just popped up in my head and I realized how much more significant this quote is after TDKR. In the end of TDK, Batman insists to Gordon that he isn't a hero and that he is capable of taking the blame for Dent's crimes, ironically making him the villain at the end of TDK. He knew that being the "hero" isn't something Batman can be, lest he become part of the establishment of Gotham that he cannot adapt to. Batman, therefore becomes the villain. In the beginning of TDKR, he is still considered to be the villain for killing one of the city's biggest heroes, a lingering effect.

8 years later, when people need Batman the most, they become inspired by his presence and vigilance when hope seems lost. Batman gives his all to stop the League of Shadows and the Joker, but as he says throughout the movie, he hasn't given Gotham EVERYTHING yet. Come the film's conclusion he gives the last of his gifts to Gotham, his "life," killing him and bringing Harvey Dent's philosophy into full circle. Batman "dies," and is in effect, the hero that Gotham finally grows to respect. He transcends the vigilante stigma and becomes accepted. Maybe it wasn't intentional, but his "death" brought him back from the villain role that Harvey predicted.

Just a thought.
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Nice read man. Nolan did a great job of really connecting the trilogy thematically
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...but he didnt die
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Every time I watch any of the three movies now I notice quick lines that reference the other ones.
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From: gbaSPmaster | #003
...but he didnt die

Hence the "quotes" the TC provided above.
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did this really need 2 paragraphs? self sacrifice was the only way the trilogy could go, its just too bad he never actually did die....
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gbaSPmaster posted...
...but he didnt die

Technically he did. Tell that to anyone in Batman Universe other than Fox, Catwoman and Alfred.
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