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So Hulk v HulkBuster (or VS)..... (Poll)
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Thinker: Phase 2 is over and Thanos has no stoneswoebegotten710/25 2:30AM
Edward Norton glad he was done playing The Hulk
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John Wick was a really pleasant surpriseGoombacrusher210/25 1:58AM
So how do you think they defeat Ultron?
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How are they going to do the Infinity Gauntlet justice on film??Delicinq4710/25 1:21AM
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RATE: Avengers Age of Ultron Teaser Trailer (Poll)
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Ultron should be man in suit. (Avengers 2 spoilers)GuiltyCrown310/25 12:09AM
new trailer - The Gambler (Mark Wahlberg, John Goodman)RAY_LEWlS110/24 10:57PM
What if marvel phased out the xmen and fantastic four
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2001 A Space Odyssey getting re-released in theaters (plus new trailer)
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Theory: Captain America goes full Gohan on Ultron *spoilers?*
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Movie Similar To Camp X-Ray?Ryo_Saeba21310/24 9:06PM
What do you hope improves in Apocalypse over DOFP?feigehardson310/24 9:02PM
Anybody here seen St. Vincent yet?DarkDragon456110/24 7:45PM
How many versions of Ultron exist in Age of Ultron? (Possible spoilers)
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How many cars do you think will be destroyed in Avengers 2?
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Rank all of the movies from current Marvel property franchises (spoilers)tearsofrage810/24 5:59PM
cant wait for DC to leak the first trailer for batman vs superman dawn of j.JONlCS710/24 5:52PM