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What do you think they should title the sequel to Man of Steel? (Archived)
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Who do you want for the villan in MOS2? (Archived)
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D-Box seats + Man of Steel 3D = .... (Archived)OkayPlayer136/15/2013
Anyone catch the Whilhelm Scream in MOS? Spoilers (Archived)hansolo113836/15/2013
Brainiac? (possible spoilers) (Archived)SMR II66/15/2013
The ending scene with Zod was one of the most powerful scenes Ive seen(spoilers) (Archived)
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Man of Steel barely has any drama (spoilers) (Archived)ssk971675796/15/2013
A lot of people were upset about (MoS Spoilers) (Archived)Zerce66/15/2013
After today, I'm done with going to movie theaters. (Archived)DragonG66/15/2013
Man of Steel: Wish it had Eric Durance and John Schneider (Archived)RoyLT8436/15/2013
Loved man of steel, made me a fan of supes (Archived)
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For people who see a problem with the pacing or scenes chosen regarding the plot (Archived)VTMongoose66/15/2013
So yeah.... Who was that "other" Kryptonian? ***SPOILERS*** (Archived)
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2 questions about Man of Steel (SPOILERS) (Archived)
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What will Green Goblin look like in the Amazing Spider-Man movie series? (Archived)Devilman_Amon76/15/2013
POLL: Best Superman Movie (Poll)Maverickneo106/15/2013
Live action filmed based off Archie comics being made. Wait it gets better (Archived)
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the cop that dropped Lois off *spoilers* (Archived)Jump_Man756/15/2013
MoS made me appreciate Iron Man 3 (Archived)
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