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Kind of an odd question but is The Wolf of Wall Street suitable for a 13yr girl (Archived)
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DiCaprio in Wolf of Wall St = best performance this year (Archived)RAY_LEWlS712/26/2013
Seth Rogen should have starred in the Floppit (Archived)AngelicTouch991012/26/2013
Inside Llewyn Davis was so depressing (Archived)RAY_LEWlS312/25/2013
C/D: You dislike how much screen time Wolverine gets in X-Men films (Archived)
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The Wall of Wall Street and Scorsese's other movies (Archived)Greatjon_Umber212/25/2013
*Spoilers for Frozen* Something I noticed about a song (Archived)
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Walter Mitty In A Nutshell (Possible Spoilers)........ (Archived)
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Batman movies do a good job at following Batman's comic history (Archived)
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American Hustle was a comedy? (Archived)
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My Anchorman 2 crowd disappointed me tonight (Archived)Phoenixmon2112/25/2013
There was (no joke) 25 minutes of previews before American Hustle tonight... (Archived)
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Any recommendations for Walter Mitty & Mandela Long Walk to Freedom? (Archived)mkhomero512/25/2013
Top 5 movie villains of 2013 (possible spoilers) (Archived)DarkDragon4561012/25/2013
New Real3D Red-And-Green 3D glasses for The Hobbit 2 make perfect image? (Archived)Elemenope112/25/2013
Walter Mitty was fantastic (Archived)DarkDragon456312/25/2013
just got back from Wolf Of Wallstreet. spoilers in topic (Archived)Leonheart10587612/25/2013
Would you watch Home Alone 1 & 2 in 3D if it got remastered to theaters? (Poll)snkboi1012/25/2013
Is Last Vegas worth seeing? (Archived)ManuKesna312/25/2013
Dat Hobbit 2 ending (spoilers) (Archived)
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