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will furry be a good war movie? (Archived)
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Every time I see 'Skull Island' mentioned, I want Black Dynamite to go there. (Archived)woebegotten210/12 9:45PM
So Dracula Untold is the first film in Universal's shared Monsters universe... (Archived)
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Is Guardians of the Galaxy worth seeing alone or should I just redbox it? (Archived)Squall281010/12 5:24PM
Did something happen to this boards views on Bay Transformers? (Archived)
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Dose The X-men Days of future past blue-ray have (Archived)ProtomanBN410/12 3:40PM
I noticed that RDJ either plays himself, or he's VERY much not himself (Archived)
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Miles Teller doesn't even sound confident about Fantastic Four (Archived)
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Looks like another Fast and Furious vet will return in 7...SPOILERS (Archived)
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Should a new Aliens movie be made based off of this premise? (Archived)Diayamondo910/12 9:07AM
Why does Ridley Scott like to bore viewers with the slow pacing of his movies? (Archived)
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Venom spinoff has been killed (Archived)
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Bond girl is cast, French actress Lea Seydoux (Archived)Shadow Cloud1010/12 5:11AM
female casting news! lea seydoux is bond girl; jennifer jason leigh in hateful 8 (Archived)zithaz710/12 3:20AM
There's an Oliver Stone Eric Snowden movie with Joseph Gordon Levitt coming (Archived)Shadow Cloud510/12 12:25AM
I saw Horns. Was pretty good. AMA about it (spoilers, obviously) (Archived)
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What was the deal with Nick's father in Gone Girl? (spoilers) (Archived)rattlesnake30410/11 9:02PM
Which of these should I see in a couple hours? (Poll)newsuperdude210/11 8:14PM
There's going to be a sex scene between Beast and Mystique in X-Men Apocalypse (Archived)
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Preview Mockinjay rating on imdb and rt (Archived)Yuffie360510/11 8:07PM