So... does DS9 get any better?

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3 years ago#1
I'm almost done with the first season of DS9 and it's alright, but it doesn't feel very engaging. I'm hoping things get more interesting when Worf joins the cast.

I also more recently started watching Voyager and it's been pretty good from the start. The first episode was very interesting, especially compared to the yawn-fest that was the first episode of DS9.
3 years ago#2
Season 1 is the slowest for sure but it picks up at the end of season 2. By Season 4 it gets really good. Season 3 should not be ignored however. Season 6 is the most epic season in any Trek series. Season 5's finale was incredibly epic as well. Season 7 has a 10 part continuation arc which the series ends with. Trust me...Do not stop watching it, it's by far the best Trek series.

Btw, Voyager is decent as well but is not in the same league as DS9. Voyager is more about pure exploration where as DS9 is about political intrigue and MAJOR character development.
3 years ago#3
Yeah DS9 definitely takes some time to build. It definitely gets better. Without spoiling it I think the last episode of season 2 is where you start really seeing where things are headed for the show.

As to Voyager, I agree it starts off better. If I were to watch the pilots of both series I would definitely think Voyager had more potential, and honestly it may have. They just didn't take it anywhere after it got started. DS9 was brilliantly written, and really takes a Star Trek story to the next level. Voyager stalled too much for its own good.

Both series are worth watching in their entirety though, in my opinion.
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3 years ago#4
Wow... you guys are getting me pumped to watch DS9 now. lol.

I was planning to watch both DS9 and Voyager at the same time. I started with DS9 first because it came out first, but the first season was kind of average and the characters weren't so great. But when I started Voyager, I was immediately drawn in. I like Captain Janeway and I also enjoy the rest of the supporting cast. So I was wondering if I should just switch my focus to Voyager and just watch DS9 on occasion, but I guess I shouldn't do that now.

I do like character development and political intrigue sounds interesting. I guess I just sort of missed the exploration aspect of TNG and Voyager seemed to pick up where TNG left off in that department except with an interesting twist.
3 years ago#5
Again, trust me...DS9 is truly something you need to experience. It should take priority. Voyager can wait. DS9 has the best Captain, the best characters, the best interactions between characters, the best themes, the best humor, the most action, the most development, the most overlapping story arcs...I think I've made my point.

Voyager is fun at times but the writing is hit and miss and there is hardly any character development. Make sure you watch Twisted in season 2 though, one of my personal favorites along with Cathexis from Season 1. There are some other good episodes like Blink of an Eye, Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy, Timeless, and Year of Hell.

Now go watch DS9 and know what Trek is at its best.
3 years ago#6
The best captain? Really? I dunno man, your credibility kind of took a hit on that one. I don't see how Sisko can be better than Picard. lol.

Well, rest assured I will now make DS9 my priority and just watch Voyager as a supplement.
3 years ago#7
Actually, I'll be surprised if others who post in this thread don't agree with me on Sisko. In fact do a search in this topic and there is a 10 post thread on favorite captains and looks like Sisko is ahead. For the last time, TRUST ME.

Edit: There is a poll in this topic with Picard in the distant lead but that is to be expected. TNG has that nostalgic factor. I love TNG, don't get me wrong. I just think it misses at times and had no continuing story arcs or major plot twists other than in the Best of Both Worlds. I believe you will agree with me by the time you finish DS9 about Sisko. I would love to give you details about my opinion but I cannot spoil the series for you. Hell, my all time 2 favorite Trek characters are on DS9 and neither is Sisko. You will love it, just keep watching and don't get discouraged.
3 years ago#8
Wow, you're right... I looked up that topic and he's second in the poll and everyone has a high opinion of him. Man, I didn't expect he'd be that great.

But there's no love for Janeway and I'm really liking her so far.

I trust you though. Don't worry, I'm dedicated to finishing DS9 now. There's no way I can't watch it now with everything you guys have said about it. I have to see what all the hubbub is about. lol.
3 years ago#9
Yeah Sisko is definitely a great captain. I don't know that I would put him above Picard, but I don't think Sisko is any less great than Picard. Sisko is the captain DS9 needed for the task at hand, no doubt. In that same spirit, Picard is the captain that the Enterprise needed. They both fit their roles very well. I'm actually one of the few people that likes Janeway, but she's not on their level for sure.
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3 years ago#10
nemono5 posted...
. I like Captain Janeway and I also enjoy the rest of the supporting cast. So I was wondering if I should just switch my focus to Voyager and just watch DS9 on occasion, but I guess I shouldn't do that now.

There was a supporting cast in Voyager? The same Voyager that forgot the majority for their first cast existed. ||
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