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Worst American Dad episodes
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What if Hank was in love with Buck Strickland this whole time?tvmasterdoodles39/10 6:04AM
What if Hank and the gang moved to China Illinois?tvmasterdoodles29/9 4:39AM
Venture Bros Season 6 trailer/hype topic
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What if King of the Hill took place in the Naruto universe?
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Hank sees Bobby watching television
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Oh my gosh, King Star King on at 4 AM. (Archived)
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Space Dandy any good? (Archived)
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Remember when Adult Swim came on only on Sunday nights. (Archived)dswiifan98/22 2:10AM
The world is a dick! (Archived)tvmasterdoodles18/19 4:08PM
I actually thought Reginald the koala was kinda funny (Archived)New_User000168/13 9:49PM
Wait, did Glenn just rape Early and Sharif? (Archived)odanzrexorc38/11 11:19AM
If the Venture Bros wasn't so good I'd be annoyed at the time between... (Archived)room temperature48/5 3:33PM
Who do you believe is the smartest person in Arlene? (Archived)dswiifan98/5 10:28AM
How would Arlen do in the event of a zombie invasion? (Archived)Ehandz38/4 4:21AM
Under what circumstances would Peggy Hill cheat on her husband Hank Hill? (Archived)Ehandz38/3 12:08PM
I wish Adult Swim picked up reruns of Futurama again as well as new episodes (Archived)Unknown Nomad58/2 9:25PM