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I used to "not mind" the Cleveland Show but now...
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What if Bill just randomly started beating on Bobby?TuchsTheZeenie13/29 11:39PM
Graah, Too Many Cooks is the worst AS creation since 12 oz Mouse!
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Hyena 20173/29 3:36PM
Adult Swim April Fool's Day 2015 (Poll)NGage43/27 8:51AM
What if Connie got herself pregnant to spite her loving but controlling father?Ehandz93/24 3:23PM
So the Jack and Triumph show...
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What if a murderous psychopath (possibly Bill) broke into the Gribble Home?TuchsTheZeenie43/22 3:27PM
Does Ladybird enjoy eating children?Ehandz53/21 8:05AM
'We now return to Rocky Dennis the Menace"ninjaa113/19 9:22PM
Black Dynamite not returning for 3rd season.
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You know why I like Family Guy?
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What if Bill manipulated Dale into believing that Boomhauer is an alien?TuchsTheZeenie23/17 7:00PM
oh my god. Bagboy was perfect. Steve Brule is perfectgnbfd53/14 4:53PM
What if Bill kidnapped Dale and forced him to become a prostitute?TuchsTheZeenie33/14 10:15AM
What if Ladybird became infected with the T-virus? (Closed)TuchsTheZeenie23/13 6:53PM
I am Pizza Totino's Boy... (Archived)3-T_Scroat53/7 4:59AM
RIP Gary Owens (Space Ghost) (Archived)hahork93/4 1:42AM
I feel like a higher budget is anathema to these animated comedies. (Archived)A Novel Idea92/27 7:27PM
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