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do the books ever say Cho Chang is asian or do people just assume from her name?Philoktetes611/26 2:16AM
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ATTN: Sariana21. I have finished the series. *spoilers*
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Who was your least favorite Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher? *spoilers* (Poll)
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Read the books for the first time this year, and am now watching the movies.omniflash8111/17 12:08PM
Would fake Veritaserum have actually yielded wanted results in an interrogation?T-dus411/14 1:25AM
Is Hogwarts more like a magical high school or a magical college?EclairReturns411/13 11:39AM
Did anyone else think Harryxspoiler came outta nowhere? *spoiler*
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JKR releasing a 1500 word Umbridge story on Halloween
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Which Harry Potter character is the most like Chandler Bing? (Archived)milkmanv1711/2 2:16AM
I wonder what it was like when Vernon found out about Lily (Archived)razid710/31 11:32PM
Could an emergency transfusion foul up a wizard's "blood purity?" (Archived)Jake Johnson610/30 7:50PM
What complaints do people usually have over the seventh book/film? *spoilers* (Archived)
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In the first book, why did the Dursleys take Dudley to the hospital? (spoilers) (Archived)
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Any visitors to the new Diagon Alley in Universal Studios? (Archived)
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So Tracy Davis was a half-blood in Slytherin but we got nothing about her (Archived)EmeralDragon2329/27 11:03PM
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How does this compare to the official butter beer? (Archived)barefootabe29/17 9:45PM