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What's your favorite Harry Potter book? (Poll)
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Remember in the Chamber of Secrets movie when (SPOILERS)lilORANG72/26 1:10AM
Could a Horcrux be "killed" via a Killing Curse?Jake Johnson62/26 12:41AM
The Wizarding World of Harry PotterEricDent122/25 11:20PM
Could a Horcrux be made out of portkey-type junk?Jake Johnson82/24 6:41PM
Did anyone else ever think the unicorn blood would do something?Lord_Ichmael82/24 6:40PM
Do you think the Prophecy was just a plot device to get Voldemort into the open?EclairReturns52/22 10:55PM
Harry/Hermione wins! Finally!milkmanv162/22 4:55PM
Question about pensieve(s) (possible spoiler)Jake Johnson52/21 10:50PM
Whose your favorite HP character and why?Cadillacmuzik32/21 7:50PM
tri-wizard tournament doesn't all seem that exciting to watch *spoilers*Alexanaxela62/21 9:25AM
I'm starting to wonder how the GoF movie was even allowed to be released...
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So what if you used the Killing Curse in self-defense?
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Does that Ministry of Magic entrance imply that its employees are literally...kaonohiokala32/18 12:24PM
Do the Death Eaters not care that their leader is half-blood?EclairReturns102/18 11:28AM
So im re-reading the whole serieslightningboot82/17 12:28PM
What is your favorite abridged Harry Potter film? (Poll)EclairReturns52/17 12:23PM
We all agree that David Tennant is awesome
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Aurors vs. State Alchemists *spoilers for both*Rath_Attack72/16 5:04PM
Lingering Questions from the whole seriesMBXfilms22/16 1:28PM