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This game can be purchased as a direct-download on Valve's STEAM for $9.99 Good since an electronic GOTY version can never go 'out of print'.
9 years ago#142
Here's a supposed fix for the huge HUD at higher resolutions:
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9 years ago#143

"Return to NYC" aka NYCStreets2_Music.umx

When does this music play? I'm on the GOTY 1.112fm but I've never heard it in-game. Since the ID3 tag reads "Mission Eight", I assume it was supposed to play during the Stanton Dowd mission in Hell's Kitchen, but I get no music on that level (which I rather like). Is this a known glitch (or maybe they made a last-minute decision to cut the music?) or is it just me getting a silence?

9 years ago#144
I'm pretty sure no one mentioned this, but when You're in Area 51, if you go to the area with all the androids floating in green goo, one of them is named Alex Denton. Its fun to use the glitch to get inside the tube and shoot him for starring in a game that disgraces it's predecesor.
9 years ago#145
Pretty useful faqs. I have 2 questions though:

1. Can deus ex play on w2k?

2. Is it a D&D game?
8 years ago#146
wow nice faq
8 years ago#147

Just out of curiosity, is it really possible to have a system too powerful to play Deus Ex?

Other than the problem regarding dual core processors, which is easy to fix anyway, I've never heard of this happening.

8 years ago#148
I first ran DX on a Windows 2000, so yes.

It's a FPS-RPG, not a D&D game.
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8 years ago#150
I'm about to ask a rather stupid question, so bear with me. I've never used the regular darts with the mini-crossbow, and I've had some trouble coming across them thus far (still on Liberty Island ATM). Is it possible to get a one hit kill on someone providing I get a headshot?
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