The Deus Ex Universal FAQ

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Well it seems like Commander Shepard transports into this games Universe to make the same 3 choices that JC has to at the end

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*cue tumbleweed rolling by*
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*tumbleweed still rolls on*
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*eats tumbleweed*
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So I installed Dues Ex, played it and it worked fine.
Before My second playthrough I installed the ever-popular "Shifter" mod.
Now I'm always getting lag when anyone shoots at me with any weapon. I suppose it's either from the flash/texture flare from the firing gun, or the blood and gore of JC when hit. It's kinda hard to pinpoint with that half-second lag coming off every bullet fired.

I would just like to know which lines I would have to convert back to the original in the "DeusEx.u" file, since I don't want to uninstall the whole mod. Please help!
#186GreenPieceoMindPosted 11/12/2013 6:32:51 AMmessage detail
Sorry it's just the shotguns that create that half-second lag, not all weapons.
Perhaps from too many bullets per shot? Yet I'm not finding anything shotgun related in the DeusEx.u file that the Shifter mod replaced.
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This might be useful to those of you who have powerful enough computers for such a feat. :P
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