I want other fans of the orignal to tell me: Is Human Revolution worth it?

#1MarioFanaticXVPosted 3/5/2014 7:06:11 PM
I love this game; I've played through it three times, which is a rarity for a me with full length RPGs. I can count the number of such RPGs on one hand: Deus Ex (just finished my third playthrough of it earlier today), Final Fantasy VI, Live-A-Live, SW:KotOR2:The Sith Lords, and if you want to count it as an RPG, you can throw in Mega Man Legends as well.

But I couldn't stand Invisible War... It felt really dumbed down, made to feel like every other Doom/Wolfenstein/Quake/Halo/Half-Life/Call of Duty clone out there (yes, I know half of those weren't even around at the time, but they all feel like the same game anyways). I'll say it flat out: I hate casual shooters. Deus Ex was the one game in the genre that I felt actually tried to be something more than just another Doom clone, and I loved it for that. But Invisble War was everything that I feared the original would be which kept me from trying the first game for so long: Another generic FPS which essentially boils down to a point and click game.

So years pass, and then there's news of a prequel coming out... Being produced by Square-Enix long past their golden age of the SNES... I've been skeptical, but I've also been trying to avoid spoilers for the past few years... If the game is half as good as the original, I figure avoiding the spoilers is well worth it... But between Invisible War and the fact that Square has been producing really horrible RPGs this past decade or so, I've not bothered to seek the game out and try to obtain it...

So, I'd like you to convince me. Convince me it's worth my time- or convince me it's not.
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#3spartan911Posted 3/6/2014 7:55:53 PM(edited)
I don't know exactly who did what, but judging from the quality of the final product, Square-Enix's involvement in the process seems pretty limited.

The main developer was Eidos Montreal. This was their first game and it kinda shows in some parts of the game, some weird design choices and things that feel a bit rushed. It's not as long or well-written as the original either.
But on the other hand, it does get a lot of things right that made the original so fun. It's one of the most interesting games I've played in years. I think Human Revolution was certainly received much more positively than Invisible War.

#4GoshoraiPosted 3/9/2014 8:09:18 PM
I'm not gonna lie, HR IS dumbed down if we compare it to the original, however, that doesn't make it a bad game. Quite the contrary actually, it has great customization mechanics, and the weapon upgrading is way better than the original's (imo). The stealth options are sometimes limited but still manages to be good.

And the story itself, well, I kinda feel like it's the same, just with different characters and settings.

Well not literally the same, just way too similar in what you do through it.

But yeah, definitely quite good, not at the original's level, but still a must-play for any Deus Ex fan (again, in my opinion.)

Oh and make sure you get the Director's Cut version if you plan on getting it.
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#5UD4Posted 3/11/2014 11:54:31 PM
HR ain't a bad game at all.
Definitely different from the original, it gets the formula very right in some places and kind of wrong in some. As the above user said, sometimes stealth isn't a good answer. Other times frontal assault isn't the best answer too, but it's easier to just kill everyone than to force stealth.

As for the Square participation, I don't think they did anything other than lend the engine (one of my favourite modern game engines) and some artists. The story is definitely western, for example.
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#6joefitts63Posted 3/12/2014 5:29:08 PM
Very much worth it. It isn't perfect, but it is very good. (Well, the ending is weak, but that seems to be a common problem in the entire gaming industry these days.)
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#7Delta123456789Posted 3/13/2014 3:27:00 AM
Human Revolution is a very good game. It manages to provide an interesting aesthetic and feel like a living world. Sure it doesn't quite hold up to the original in terms of gameplay or story but very few games do and what it has is very solid. While it doesn't match or surpass the original I'd still call it a worthy successor and definitely worthy of your time.

Just be sure to get the Director's Cut version as that includes the interesting Missing Link DLC and more importantly I hear it tweaks the boss fights everyone complained about in the original release (you basically had unavoidable generic boss battles in the original, whereas I hear in DC they tweaked it so you could actually use non-combat skills to defeat them).
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#8nedim100Posted 3/14/2014 3:52:54 PM
It's a decent game,certainly good enough for a single playthrough however it just doesn't have much replay value and the original surpasses it on almost every level.The original has much better level design(I think this is the main flaw of the HR,open areas don't really look open)better story,better/more interesting dialogue,better char customization etc.I think the main thing that got me hooked on the original is that,despite its flaws,the game felt reallistic,whereas HR doesn't,you can tell you're just playing a game.I just wasn't able to fully immerse myself into it for some reason.
#9jakeDiLLaPosted 3/18/2014 9:53:50 PM(edited)
tl;dr but yes, as a person who played Deus Ex when it came out, and has done at least 10 full playthroughs over the years, and played ALL the Deus Ex mods, and even Invisible War...

Human Revolution is so worth it. Just don't expect it to be better than the original, but yea they did an AMAZING job and I don't feel like the game gets its due credit. I've also played HR 10 times at least and I could play it 10 more times. Make sure you buy the Director's Cut version for the commentary, they REALLY made sure they paid homage to the original and took a lot (not all) of the things that made it great and translated it to this generation.

If I have one critique its that it doesn't have the same big environments, there's not as much to explore and it doesn't exactly feel.... as... I wanna say "open world" as the original. That being said the environments look amazing and you WILL spend a lot of time exploring. It's just hard to live up to the original.

I could go on and on about what a great game it is, the art direction, the voice acting (Elias Toufexis as Adam Jensen did an amazing job, he really took the role seriously and has said he'd totally be into a sequel), but just take my word for it! You won't regret it.
#10jakeDiLLaPosted 3/18/2014 9:59:31 PM
UD4 posted...
HR ain't a bad game at all.
Definitely different from the original, it gets the formula very right in some places and kind of wrong in some. As the above user said, sometimes stealth isn't a good answer. Other times frontal assault isn't the best answer too, but it's easier to just kill everyone than to force stealth.
i'm gonna strongly disagree with that right there, aside from the tutorial and the boss fights, I got the feeling like stealth was the obvious choice in most situations and the more challenging route was frontal assault. Tons of cover around everywhere and your augs make it pretty convenient to play stealthily. Don't get me wrong it's fun to play both ways but I found it easier to play stealthily.