I want other fans of the orignal to tell me: Is Human Revolution worth it?

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red255 posted...

What an irritating presenting style.

Anyway, HR is brilliant. Loses a little of the depth/liberty offered in the first game, but more than makes up for it with a superior augmentation system, combat, graphics, voice acting and direction. The soundtrack is way better too IMO.

I guess you could think of it as the difference between Morrowind -> Skyrim, if that makes any sense to you.

I'd love to see the first game completely remade using HR style mechanics. I'm replaying through the first one at the moment and while it's good for the story, it really hasn't aged well at all.
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CdrRogue posted...

I guess you could think of it as the difference between Morrowind -> Skyrim, if that makes any sense to you.

aside from graphics, skyrim is unbelievably shabby, bugged and dumbed down, and overall it doesn't stand a chance with Morrowind... that is, "in my opinion" (yeah)
Also, Skyrim doesn't solve alot of long standing problems within the series since Morrowind itself (which at least has a valid reason to be so bugged and badly designed, being a 2000 game...), while HR "upgrades" many outdated stuff. For example I enjoyed the hacking minigame, and totally love those "social battles"!

I agree with the other posts, it's more-than-decent though it's not as good as the original (which can't be said on skyrim)
I'd say Bethesda is just very lazy, compared to the developers of HR
what I really dislike of HR is the story line, so light-hearted...
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Honestly I never felt that way about Skyrim, thought it was an incredible game. Never experienced any major bugs when I played it (but I know people that have). But with the comparison to Deus Ex, I didn't mean in every way, just in the way that Skyrim is a lot prettier and less clunky than Morrowind, but sacrifices some of MW's depth.

But to reiterate, Human Revolution is awesome.
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