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how do I find the command line? (Archived)thatauthor45/9/2014
Retrieve the Dragons Tooth sword and await further instructions from Tracer Tong (Archived)Kikoman58935/5/2014
Companion Guide (Archived)Djibriel104/28/2014
I'm stuck, possibly thanks to a glitch (minor spoilers) (Archived)Ikpa_Vatryx34/17/2014
I want other fans of the orignal to tell me: Is Human Revolution worth it? (Archived)
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Where does Jock threaten to whoop your ass? (Archived)CaptainAmerica934/12/2014
Can't make new saves without the most recent save being overwritten (Archived)Perfect Sierra24/8/2014
Can anyone help me troubleshoot a problem? (Archived)Boct158434/1/2014
Question about the Shifter mod... (Archived)Lord_Vader33/19/2014
Did any of you guys see UraniumAnchor's run at Awesome Games Done Quick 2014? (Archived)Boct158433/16/2014
You should probably delete this as soon as you're done reading [minor spoilers] (Archived)Perfect Sierra93/14/2014
Is there a secret room in the 747? (Archived)MarioFanaticXV22/28/2014
Some insanely noobish questions that I'd really appreciate help on (Archived)jannedaarc152/16/2014
Can I download the manual anywhere? (Archived)Perfect Sierra42/14/2014
Mod recommendations for purist (Archived)Lvthn32/11/2014
any new mods on the horizon/out now? (Archived)jakeDiLLa22/11/2014
Anyone else feel ill when playing this? (Archived)
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Sandra Renton at Vandenberg Gas Station ? (Archived)Sophiel77752/3/2014
Any possible sequence breaking in Hell's Kitchen (third visit)? *minor spoilers* (Archived)QwelzaarKane41/27/2014
Never used the GEP gun (Archived)
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