Deciding to Create an FAQ to anyone who's interested

#1RedIsPoeticPosted 8/16/2011 12:13:12 AM
To anyone who's interested, I'm in the process of creating an FAQ for Theocracy. Obviously it won't be seen by many but I have a fair knowledge of the game and it's mechanics, an FAQ of the game isn't overly ambitious (it doesn't contain a massive amount of content) and no one has yet posted an FAQ for it, so to work towards GameFAQs completion project, for my own personal enjoyment and to get started as an FAQ writer (yes it's my first, but I mean it to be of a high standard; I'm a perfectionist).

As of yet I've got a fairly skeletal layout of the guide (half in my hard, half in a file).
As well as this, I've got a lot of the brainless info written down (Copying down stats of units and heroes, effects of artifacts descriptions of buildings etc. etc. and I'm just beginning to start on the Prophecy Walkthrough (or my opinion of good strategies). I plan to add a Chronicles walkthrough, my opinions/ratings of heroes/artifacts etc., mechanics, a s**t load of hints and tips and much more. If you've been looking forward to an FAQ for the game - get excited XD

Let me know if you have info to add and I'll give you credit for it.
Hopefully I can publish a version within the next month, depending on time and my not-so-great attention span.