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Two small things about the Enemy Info Cards that bug me.ArizonaPasha18/22 3:37PM
Sign here if you 100% this game.
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XxPika740xX878/21 10:26PM
Oh, look! A rock in the middle of a volcano with reddish/orangeish cracks on it!MDS200528/19 2:53PM
I think this might be my favorite Kirby game... (Archived)LemonPenguin511/30/2013
Many people claim nostalgia as their reason for loving this game (Archived)CrimsonMoonMist210/10/2013
Did a blog post on Kirby 64 (Archived)MajinBalthier13/27/2013
European versions - do they come in multiple languages? (Archived)Madzombie13/22/2013
Best Ability Vs. Each Boss (Archived)Terra23/15/2013
Kirby 64 for 3DS! (Archived)Raditzisnotweak18/18/2012
HR-H/HR-E using Burn (single) power (Archived)Bostich235/29/2012
Whoever got all the enemy cards? (Archived)geoffreyAX33/19/2012
So I finally finished this game after playing for awhile. (Archived)_Raich_212/26/2011
So if Adeleine Figured Out the Sequences For The Shards Herself... (Archived)S_U_Perhero512/6/2011
Is this a good game? (Archived)max_butter11/26/2011
This game is rated E. (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz29/27/2010
Rcok Star Stae 4 Shard (Archived)sbf200917/26/2010
Guitar Tab request (Archived)kc2go216/28/2010
wouldn't it be coll if you could combine three powers? (Archived)Pokemonfan123913/9/2010
Checkboard Chase (Archived)redmario21723/8/2010
So what is the best ability's to use? (Archived)acidflesh509031/24/2010
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