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(EU) Summoner - PSN. Yago's Key glitch. In need of a save file. (Archived)Viva_Madness15/27 5:46PM
Just ordered this for $6 shipped, complete!! (Archived)NewportBox100s15/22 8:27PM
Got a huge backstab. (Archived)Nenjii22/23 9:04PM
Summoner on Steam for 5 bucks (Archived)MasterGamer7217/14 9:06AM
A man can dream, can't he (Archived)MasterGamer7235/8/2014
Game breaking glitch? (Archived)cander111/21/2013
Clearing up some mis-information (Archived)JadeTempleKing310/26/2013
The only 3 Guides required for helpful play (Archived)thewaynemanor110/5/2013
I made this account just to say how much this game kicks ass! (Archived)biostar8116/12/2013
Unbelievable game (Archived)Lordkill15/11/2013
Another play through, first time w/ guide. Any sword better than Ice Coffin? (Archived)haexpane32/9/2013
Game freezes sometimes when entering an area. (Archived)BahamutPrincess21/28/2013
favorite character (Archived)domine_dragon21/20/2013
does this work with the 60 gb ps3? (Archived)mega_mouse_fart19/27/2012
Any downfall for using summons? (Archived)Azuredoragon29/22/2012
Maybe for the last time... (Archived)zarreff33/26/2012
Now I will play through this game, in honor of my fallen friend (Archived)
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Near the end of the game, just in case SPOILERS!! (Archived)zarreff112/28/2011
Ikaemos Swamp? (Archived)ArcFan10000412/23/2011
How to reach The Max Level for this game with minimal effort! SPOILERS!!! (Archived)
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