got this on the eve of GameStop's PS2 99/$3.99 loose disc doomsday...

#1DumpsterMcNuggetsPosted 10/10/2012 11:15:55 PM
Sure have to say the steering in this game is really crappy. Am I alone in getting this impression that the style of this game reminds me of Crazy Taxi, but not as interesting to play? And, also with a different motive for the 1 player mode(collecting coins, vs. Crazy Taxi's picking up fares and driving them to their destination in the fastest time possible).

It was very surprising finding this on Sunday, among the PS2 loose discs being sold in the 99/49 cent stack. The funny thing is that I almost didn't find this game, till I looked through the 2 stacks for the 3rd time, and changing my mind at the last second to include this among the 10 99/49 cent games I chose to get for $1. Bad news is, I don't know if I will hold on to this game, and not feel tempted to resell it. LMAO!
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