Cactus Diary Entry for the Final Event [Spoilers]

#1coldsushiPosted 7/20/2011 8:59:20 AM
Why isn't there one? Sigh.

I'm really disappointed that the game developers didn't think of giving you the opportunity to have Li'l Cactus write a diary entry for The Legend of Mana (final event) at the start of a New Game+.

There are a lot of liberties they could've taken with this one. They could've made it just as silly as the rest of his entries are, something like, "Today my master told me a story about how he saved the Mana Tree from dieing. My master has such a crazy imagination! ...hey! Where'd Dominia go?"

Or maybe take this opportunity to put in an easter egg and write a message to the player on behalf of the staff, something like, "We hope you enjoyed playing this game! We'd like to give you this book as a congratulatory prize, be sure to check it out in your library!" (In reference to The Forbidden Tome.)

But oh well. Despite the fact that this was a great opportunity missed, I still love this game to death.