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The Random Old-School TNA segments Threads(Videos)

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3 years ago#1
I'd thought I'd make a thread with classic/ridiculous/random clips from Youtube from TNA 2002 - 2010. I'll keep it updated.

CM Punk debuts in 2003 against Shane Douglas

Macho Man Randy Savage debuts in TNA(2004):

Christian debuts, Genesis 2005:

'Cookie-Gate', 3 Live Kru, Abyss, Traci Brooks, and Shane Douglas invade the 2004 Royal Rumble commercial shoot. Chuck Plumbo & Rey Mysterio were the only ones that came out.

Jeff Jarrett brings TNA to Hulk Hogan in Japan, 2003:

Samoa Joe shoots unscripted on Scott Hall, Dixie, Nash, and "WWE Superstars" after Hall no-showed Turning Point '07:
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3 years ago#2
Team 3D "Funeral"(2005)

Russo and Styles at the TNA 1st year anniversary show to 'explain' Russo returning to help AJ win the World Title thus turning heel. Plus, setting up AJ v D'lo Brown for the title.(2003)

Raven TNA Debut January 22, 2003

Christopher Daniels debut in TNA during an X-Division 6-Man Contender's Elimination match(TNA's 3rd show in 2002)
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3 years ago#3
Good stuff. I recently watched through the weekly PPV era and one segment I found. particularly hilarious was Sandman and New Jack of all people playing chess. Their interaction was great.
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3 years ago#4
Nice clips. I particularly enjoyed the Samoa Joe shoot, the CM Punk debut and the Raven debut.

Makes me miss old TNA.
3 years ago#5
Mickie James (Alexis Laree) debut in TNA(2002)

R Truth (K Krush) Debut NWA-TNA 6/19/02(TNA's 1st show)

Prince Justice (Abyss) debut in TNA(Main Event of first show 6/19/02

Curt Hennig debut in TNA against World Champion R-Truth
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3 years ago#6
Any Kristal segments?!?!?! I want the one she dances with Curry Man!

And there was an outdoor brawl (I think it was in a bar) between two girls previously and there was a hnnnng moment. I demand that, I do believe Taylor Hendrix or Daffney was involved in that.
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Started on 01/05/2009
3 years ago#7
id take this TNA over the current crap anyday
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