l to the e to the g to the e to the n to the d...?

#1green_aboboPosted 11/9/2011 12:47:36 AM
the OG :) no saves!? console. ha!

anyway, just wondering if anyone knows/has a link depicting, or explaining the various symbols that appear on the briefing maps for some of the hits?

aka a legend? i'd like that muchly, because they dont tell you what they mean besides the agency one?

for example: take the 2nd section of hong kong /w the car bomb... if you look close, theres a little round symbol w/ a figure hovering over a hole, who appears to be having some difficulties... does this = sewer? ok, nice that i know that from playing the game, but how did i know the first few times? i didnt.

why no lengend?

top ten best games ever! the OG!!!