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Full Cleric vs Fighter/Cleric

#1JvstmPosted 2/13/2008 12:34:57 PM
So I just beat BG1 with a fighter, level 8. But once I beat it I kind of wanted to play a Cleric. I was planning on coming over to BG2 today and playing through THIS storyline, but I can't decide if I should just dual class my fighter (and at what level) or just roll a new Cleric.

Also, if I have 5 stars in Warhammer spec, for the Crom Faeyr (spelling?), would it keep the five stars after I dual class?
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#2Kiko_MarunaPosted 2/13/2008 12:49:50 PM
Yes, when you get to cleric level 9 you'll get your points in warhammer back, so you'll be pretty good with the crom faeyr.
Also, the experience needed for fighter level 8 is very little compared to the exp maximum of BG2, so you'll still get a lot of cleric levels, almost as many as a pure cleric (maybe one or two less?) but of course you'll have still have the fighter levels, so with a nice weapon and a few of the cleric buffs it will probably be a good fighter too.

I think there's almost no advantage to being a full cleric.
#3red255Posted 2/13/2008 1:21:33 PM
A Dual can get 5 stars, a Multi can get 2 stars, and a straight cleric can get 1 star.

If you want to hit stuff I'd go with 9 Fighter at least. Amonen seems decent with cleric buffs on.

I've personally done a Multi-Class. Which is simpler and yeah. You get Fighter and Cleric HLA's and don't need to buff so much.

Probably a dwarf, and think about the dwarven thrower.
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#4DarthMordechaiPosted 2/13/2008 1:45:13 PM
A Cleric only gets one attack per round. A fighter gets far more. Fighter/Cleric is a good idea, especially if you're bringing him over from BG1, but I really would reccomend another level for the extra attack a round before you dual him - you'll get plenty of exp, and Clerics level pretty quickly anyways
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#5Jvstm(Topic Creator)Posted 2/13/2008 10:21:14 PM
Well I wasn't planning on changing classes until I can get 5 stars in Warhammers.

Is the Crom Faeyr good end-game, or would I be better off using a different weapon class? I sort of planned on using the Crom Faeyr, so I gimped myself with 16 strength in BG1, but I can always change that by rolling a new class if there are better weapons for a fighter/cleric.
The present will pass you if you live in the past. Neither should you wait for the future to find you. -RIP Khalid
#6red255Posted 2/13/2008 11:41:46 PM
Don't you need like really high STR and WIS to dual class?
Wouldn't worry about the STR, plenty of Set STR to XX items.

The cleric gets this nice +1 STR ring though. And well +1 Str from stuff like the machine of Lum the mad in Watchers keep. Makes it nice to have good base STR.

But it don't matter holy power + Draw upon Holy Might + righteous Magic will easily First set STR to 18/00 then buff you up to 25 at cleric 18
"as for szs2, there's no way its gonna fall behind like szs did." -aers
#7OriBiggiePosted 2/14/2008 3:00:25 AM
Any dual classing requires 15 in the main stat of your first class, and 17 in the main stat of the class you're trying to dual too.

So, if your fighter doesn't have 15 str and 17 wisdom (At least) You won't be dualing anywhere.

As for getting 5 stars in warhammer first. Don't.

Get to 9, dual. When you get your cleric to 10, you'll get your warhammer points back *and can then continue adding to them*.

Sure, clerics don't get that many proficiency points, but you'll have more than enough in the long term.

Lastly, don't use a pure cleric. They really aren't that great (See Viconia in ToB.... She really loses out there).

Fighter/Cleric is the way to go, in what ever guise you want.

That said, I still like Ranger/Cleric more ^ ^
#8crowmanPosted 2/14/2008 5:03:41 AM
Get to 9, dual. When you get your cleric to 10, you'll get your warhammer points back *and can then continue adding to them*.
I'm pretty sure you can't continue adding points after dualling, unless you have a mod that lets you.

Multiclassing, Ranger/Cleric > Fighter/Cleric as multiclass fighters can only put 2 stars in any weapon proficiency, thus negating their only class advantage over the ranger. The only reason to go with a multiclass FC over RC would be to take a different race (ie if you really really want your cleric using the Dwarven Thrower). If you want your cleric to primarily be a spellcaster, Multiclassing an RC is the way to go since it will also give you all the Druid spells.

Dual classing is probably better with a Fighter kit - the Berserker will give you the option of using Enrage in combat for a boost, while only losing the ability to go beyond 1* in ranged weaponry, which is not a problem if you'll be putting all your points in hammers anyway, and can still use the Dwarven Thrower at full proficiency (as long as you're a dwarf). If you don't get good enough stats at character creation to allow you to dual, just edit them later with Shadowkeeper instead of spending ages rerolling.

Personally, I'm not too fond of grand mastery in a vanilla BG2 game since it has been reduced in effectiveness from BG1. The biggest bonus comes at 2*, where you get an extra half attack. You no longer get another half attack for 5*, so I see little reason to go all the way to 5* when you could get several 2*'s instead. Crom Faeyr is best used as an off-hand weapon, so get 2* in hammers and another 2* in flails so you can dual it with the Flail of Ages.
#9OriBiggiePosted 2/14/2008 7:33:07 AM
If that is the case I apologise. I could have sworn you could, but as you say, it may be a mod.

I'm curious now, anyone feel like checking?

But even if I'm wrong, getting grandmaster, as stated, is still pretty pointless unless you've got the mod to restore the proficiency tables. Then it might just be worth waiting on the 5.

That said, the whole point simply isn't, when you import into BG you'll be able to put the full 5 in. The only issue *there* is if you want to dual wield, can you put the clerical abilities (once you get your fighter levels back) into dual wielding spec? Atleast 2 points anyway, to negate the main hand penalties.

#10f9th_underdogPosted 2/14/2008 9:16:19 AM
5 stars in hammers is great, but you probably won't get Crom until late in the game, and unless you have someone who can use flails you will lose one of the best weapons flail of ages, you may want to consider hammers flails and dual wielding them.