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cant kill torgal

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8 years ago#1
i have installed a lot of mod so i dont know which one is making torgal unkillable.

can i kill him with shadowkeeper?

the cheat kill is not working on him..

help please..
8 years ago#2
Shadowkeeper won't kill him. The CTRL-Y cheat won't kill any trolls. Best thing you can do is list your mods and hope someone can tell you which one you need to uninstall.
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8 years ago#3
Are you sure he isn't just regenerating? If I remember right, Torgal regenerates much more quickly than a normal troll.
8 years ago#4
sequencer some chromatic orbs on ur char and edwin and any other mages u got. then just doom + greater malison + sequencer him and he'll petrify.
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To keep an idiot busy, look above.
8 years ago#5
The above strat of course requires you to be at the levels where Chromatic Orb petrifies.

Just thought I'd confirm on that front.
I think it's 11-12?
8 years ago#6
I don't remember does Torgal have any treasure on him, if so it will be gone.

some times I have had a troll not die, but backing one or two characters off will cause him to drop, I think the scripts can't keep up and trigger his dropping.
8 years ago#7
Yeah, sometimes when I have my whole party wailing on a troll the damage just stacks and stacks since the scripts cannot keep up. I remember doing over 300 damage before it fell down once. You shouldn't be having this problem with TorGal, since he dies when he runs out of HP

He does regenerate pretty fast though, and if you can't take off more than he regenerates it could be a good idea to just leave him for a while and come back after levelling up some more
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8 years ago#8
Torgal's got no items so petrifying his troll @$$ should be good.

I bet it's just the ol script stacking thing that makes trolls take like a trillion dmg sometimes before falling down as people have already said.
8 years ago#9
thank u all for ur help..

i was able to kill him..

a guy from spellhold studios told me to remove an amulet from torgal using shadow keeper.

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