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8 years ago#1
I've never really made use of Minsc's berserk ability. Mostly because I don't know how to properly use it. Last time I went to use it, I was fighting the demon in the underdark that you have to bury for the gnomes. It kept holding my party so I had Minsc "inspire me by charging blindly on" and he stood their for a few seconds and then ran around killing my I have to use the ability before battle because he doesn't attack my party then. Would using it in a room crowded with enemies work better?
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8 years ago#2
So...does any one actually have any tips on how to make effective use berserk...?
I don't like cults. My ass always feels sore in the morning for some reason.-lorddrago88
8 years ago#3
Berserk's best use is that it makes you immune to all mind-effecting spells.... like charm, confusion, maze, hold/stun, etc. When fighting against enemies that use these type of spells, that is the best time to use berserk. The other benefits of berserk (bonus to hit and damage) aren't that great since warriors already have very good thac0 and damage. Really though, you can get equipment that makes you immune to most mind-effecting stuff, so berserk is kind of a moot point then. Also, Minsc is gimped because his berserk makes him uncontrollable (berserkers and barbarians are controllable) so keep your party away from berserked Minsc.
8 years ago#4
Minsc's berserk ability does not work the same way as the Barbarian or Berserker(of the fighter class) rage ability. First, Minsc becomes uncontrolable where a barbarian or berserker remains under your control. Secondly, Minsc reminas vulnerable to mind spells. Dont know why he just does. Finally, Minsc's berserk should ONLY be used when he is heavily buffed, protected, and sent into a room full of weak to medium powered enemies, and should be assisted by ranged allies, and decently powered summons. As an intresting note, have him use berserk, then Dire Charm, or Dominate him, and he becomes controlable(I think). As for the Balor in the Underdark, hes a real pain if you arent ready for him. Cast resist fear and give your warriors +3 or better weapons, while your mages pump him full of magic missles(preferbly minor sequenced) and other decent spells, and he'll go down in four or five rounds.
8 years ago#5
basically don't bother, he's more useful without it.
8 years ago#6
basically don't bother, he's more useful without it.

Yeah, like I said before, the thac0 and damage bonuses are minor. Warriors already have great thac0 and damage. The real benefit comes from mind-effecting immunity, and since Minsc doesn't get that apparently, his berserk is as useless as a one-legged dog.
8 years ago#7
Minsc's berserk doesnt give the hit and damage bonus like a berserker, it gives +2 strength and dexterity instead.
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8 years ago#8
^ Still not that great. Potions of (various) giant strength are better and have a very long duration, much longer than berserk will last you.
8 years ago#9
Awwww that sucks, but makes the berserker and barbarian classes seem much cooler then I thought they were.
I don't like cults. My ass always feels sore in the morning for some reason.-lorddrago88
8 years ago#10
If both Aerie and Minsc are in your party, and they have had the "You are from Rasheman?" conversation, then there is a big chance he will automatically engage Berserk to protect her if she takes hitpoint damage.

In-character, but not that good. Is there a mod that gives Minsc more uses of Berserk as he levels up? It would make him even more useful, since he gets 21 strength that way.
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